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The Graven Hill site just outside Bicester presents the largest opportunity in the UK for people to build their own homes. This idyllic spot, currently occupied by the MOD is 190 hectares in size, situated around a wooded hill just 3 miles from junction 9 of the M40. Graven Hill has outline planning for 1900 new homes, shops, offices, a primary school and a pub.  Kloeber’s showroom in Grendon Underwood is just 10 minutes away on the A41.

Cherwell District Council are the driving force behind the whole project, they have created both Graven Hill Holding Company Ltd. and Graven Hill Village Development Company Ltd specifically to develop the site. The building opportunities will range from large plots for detached houses to smaller terraces, apartments and bungalows; these give opportunities for custom and community building projects as well as one off self builds. The vision is to give many different individuals with varying budgets the opportunity to build.

Once the MOD site has been vacated in late 2015 infrastructure works will begin and in early 2016 the first plots will be released, the first 200 builds will be starting in 2016. The whole site is likely to take 10 years to fully develop with around 200 houses a year being built. The houses will need to be built to either Code 5 or Passivhaus standards, basically this means the houses will be sustainable, have low carbon emissions and will be built to a far higher standard than the current building regulations require. Please see the link below for more information.

Windows and doors play a massive part not only in the fabric of your building aesthetically but also helping you to achieve the above standards required. Kloeber can achieve the standards set out for the Graven Hill site and can work with your architects and builders to deliver a glazing package suitable for any self build project. With an extensive showroom only 10 minutes from the Graven Hill site we would like the opportunity to talk to anyone who is interested in buying a plot and hope we can help in designing your dream home.

Graven Hill - Graven-Hill-SiteTo register your interest in the Graven Hill site direct with Cherwell District Council please follow the link below: