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aluminium sliding doors

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Our Aluminium Euroslide door pricing is listed below. For prices of all our Eurofold products please CLICK HERE.

Upgrade to triple glazing for £180 per panel. There will be a 4% uplift for PAS 24 high security specification.

Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.

Doors available in any height up to 2200mm in rounded 10mm increments eg: 2100mm, 2110mm, 2120mm, 2130mm.

Width Price Colours
1790 £2175 +VAT RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey, Black or White
2090 £2275 +VAT
2390 £2375 +VAT
2990 £2675 +VAT
3470 £2875 +VAT
3990 £3250 +VAT
4990 £4475 +VAT
5990 £5050 +VAT

Opening configurations for Euroslide

Available in widths 1790mm, 2090mm, 2390mm, 2990mm, 3470mm & 3990mm

Available in widths 4990mm & 5990mm