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Timber FunkyFront

Panel style Bonn 3, frame 9.  Average condition, quite a few knocks and marks all over both sides, opaque glass in side of frame, glazing bars fitted.  More images available. 

colour:              external: pale Oak stain

                        internal: transparent stain  

dimensions:     frame width 1908mm (opening must be 1918m or more)

                       frame height 2120mm (opening must be 2130mm or more)

retail price:      £2334.57 + vat 

sale price:      £995 + vat        ref: 49468/321015


Timber FunkyFront

Ex-demonstration hardwood FunkyFront door with engineered softwood frame.  Some minor dmage to panel and frame.  Satin silver lever handle on inside, bar handle outside.  Opens inwards, hinged on the right (viewed from the outside).  KLO49359/320136

colour:            light Oak stain 006

dimensions:   width 1097mm (opening must be 1107mm or more)

                     height 2300mm (opening must be 2315mm or more)

retail price:     £1805 + vat

sale price:     £1095 + vat            ref: 49359/320136


Timber KlassicFront

Panel is in reasonable condition but has a hair line crack at the bottom either side. Panel is a Kensington 2.   Frame is in used condition. Panel is hinged on the right, inward opening. All ironmongery is included and installed. Opaque glass.

colour:                       panel: RAL 020 Ebony

                                 frame:  RAL 9016 Traffic White with 006 oak cill


dimensions:               width 933mm x height 2170mm

retail price:                £1948 + vat

sale price:                £750 + vat                      ref: 58965/415708

Timber KlassicFront

Good condition. Engineered hardwood KlassicFront Panel and Frame with Obscure glass. Opens in, hinged on the right (viewed from outside). No hardware.

colour:                RAL 3020 Traffic Red

dimensions:        width 1308mm x height 2118mm 

retail price:          £2053 + vat

sale price           £945 + vat                 ref: 49366/320161

Timber KlassicFront with casement window attached

Panel style, Kensington. Great condition. Hinged on the right, inward opening. Door number etched into opaque glass (sale price includes replacement glass to door panel and hardware).

colour:                          RAL 7016 Anthracite grey

dimensions:                  frame width 890mm x height 2070mm

                                     window width 1205mm x height 1184mm

retail price:                   £2794 + vat

sale price:                   £1500 + vat          ref: 58673                    

Timber KlassicFront

Average condition, few scuffs and dents, inward opening hinged on the left. Cylinder lock type, key/thumbturn. Double glazing, transparent glass. Frame unused, great condition. Price does not include ironmongery.

colour:                                     RAL 9010

dimensions:                             width 1004mm x height 2117 mm

retail price:                              £1840 + vat

sale price:                              £900 + vat            ref: 58572

Aluminium FunkyFront

New, unused, glass and hardware will be ordred new and supplied with this product.

colour:                                   external: RAL8015, Chestnut Brown

                                             internal: RAL1013, Oyster White

dimensions:                           width 1796mm x height 2158

retail price:                             £3937 + vat 

sale price:                             £2499 + vat         ref: 54518