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timber single door

good conditon.  No cill - weather bar only.  Machined for a Euro cylinder lock and lever handle.  Inward opening, hinged on the left (when viewed from outside).  Trickle vent.  Frame is flat packed and ready to assemble.

colour:              RAL 7032 pebble grey

dimensions:     width 985mm (opening must be 1000mm or more)

                        height 2085mm (opening must be 2100mm or more)

retail price:       £943 + vat

sale price:       £495 + vat         ref: 51810/345166

aluminium single door

unused, a couple of scratches.  Inward opening, hinged on left (viewed from the outside).  Satin silver hardware.

colour:                        RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey

dimensions:               width 1970mm (opening must be 1980mm or more)

                                  height 2100mm (opening must be 2100mm or more)

retail price:                £1680 + vat

sale price:                £1195 + vat          ref: 50500/331375

aluminium single door

great condition, unused.  150mm cill and glass included, bottom draining.  hinged on the right, outward opening. 2500m2 trickle vent included.

colour:                    RAL 7016 anthracite grey

dimensions:            width 897mm x height 2067m2

retail price:              £963 + vat

sale price:              £750 + vat          ref: 58657