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Aluminium Kustomslide sliding door 

condition unused.  Satin silver fittings.  Right panel sliding/left panel fixed (viewed from outside).

colour:               RAL 7006 Beige Grey - Matt


dimensions:      width 2660mm (opening must be 2670mm or more)

                         height 2110mm (opening must be 2120mm or more) 


retail price:       £3040 + vat

sale price:       £2495 + vat      ref: 50441/330597


Aluminium Kustomslide plus

good condition, unused.  Master door on the left sliding to the right.  Half cylinder, keyed.  External cup handle, silver plated.

Colour:                                     7016 Anthracite Grey

dimensions:                              width 3170mm x height 2107mm


retail price:                                £3502 + vat

sale price:                                £2500 + vat      ref: 59283/419098

Aluminium kustomslide plus

Good condition, unused.  Cill pressing to be ordered separately.  Master door on the right, sliding to the left.

colour:                                         painted 9007 Grey aluminium

dimensions:                                 width 4390mm x height 2140mm


retail price:                                  £4887.00 + vat

sale price:                                  £3500 + vat          ref: 59305/419386

Aluminium kustomslide plus

Ex showroom model.  good condtion, already glazed.  Both panels able to slide across.  Half cylinder with satin silver cup handle on external side (both panels).  

colour:                                9006 white Aluminium

dimensions:                        width 444mm x height 2043mm


retail price:                          £4500 + vat

sale price:                           £3500 + vat  ref: 59310/419423