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Composite casement and tilt & turn windows

flush casement and tilt & turn
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Kloeber's Composite Flush Casement and Tilt & Turn Windows

Kloeber's komposite flush casement, high-performance, Aluminium/timber composite windows are manufactured with softwood or Oak internally and an Aluminium external face resulting in low U-Values, high security and low maintenance.

Tilt & turn windows, or ‘European style’ windows have an innovative type of hinge mechanism that allows them to be opened inwards in two different ways; turn the handle through 90° to tilt the panel inwards for ventilation or through a further 90° to open the panel into the room on the side hinges.

Available with a variety of opening configurations and colour options, double or triple glazing with excellent U-Values composite windows are factory finished with powder-coated external Aluminium and stained or painted internal timber. 

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