At Kloeber we have a wide range of bespoke bifold doors all with varying starting prices. Depending on the budget for your self-build, home renovation or improvements, we’re guaranteed to have a set of bifold doors that not only suit your budget but your project too. We also have flexible finance options available so you’ll be able to answer the question, are bifold doors expensive, with a no!

Timber bifold doors

Let’s start with our timber bifold doors, shall we?

Our EuroFold bifold doors are our more standard range of bifolds with given widths and the following panel options; 3, 4, 5 or 6. Each is installed with double glazing but you can upgrade to triple for £75.00 more per panel.


If you were to choose from our 3 panel bifolds, you can expect a starting price of £2795 (excluding VAT) for our 2,090mm wide doors. The max width for our 3 panel bifolds is 3,470mm and the price for these is £3550 (excluding VAT).

With each additional panel, there is an added expense, with our smallest 4 panel bifolds costing £3895 (excluding VAT) and our smallest 5 panel bifolds costing £4750 (excluding VAT). Our most expensive standard timber bifold doors are our 6 panel bifolds measuring 5,990mm wide, costing £6050 (excluding VAT).

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How expensive are bespoke timber bifolds?

Our bespoke range of bifold doors known as our KustomFold allow you to pick and choose from a wide variety of different colours, wood stains, configurations and ironmongery. Our most versatile bifold doors, you can match the inside and the outside of your home’s decor with a dual colour option too.

The starting price of our timber KustomFold doors is £2720 (excluding VAT). This may seem less expensive than the starting price of our standard timber EuroFold’s but remember, with each panel, the cost increases, and you can choose just two door panels with our KustomFold range – you must have a minimum of 3 panels with our EuroFold’s.

Aluminium bifold doors

As with our timber bifolds, we have a standard range of aluminium bifolds too, also known as our EuroFold aluminium bifold doors.

Again, these bifolds have given widths and you can choose from 3, 4, 5 or 6 panels. Prices start from:

  • £3850 (excluding VAT) for 3 panel bifold doors with our smallest width of 2,090mm
  • £4195 (excluding VAT) for 3 panel bifold doors with our largest width of 3,470mm
  • £4325 (excluding VAT) for our smallest 4 panel bifold doors (3,470mm)
  • £6895 (excluding VAT) for our smallest 5 panel bifold doors (4,312mm)
  • £8195 (excluding VAT) for our largest 6 panel (and more expensive standard) bifold doors at 5,990mm

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How expensive are bespoke aluminium bifolds?

Our second most versatile bifold doors – although they’re only second as they can’t physically come in a wood stain – are our KustomFold aluminium bifold doors. Again, with a starting price of £3390 (excluding VAT) these bifold doors may seem less expensive compared to our standard aluminium bifolds but, don’t forget, as with our timber KustomFolds you can choose just 2 panels – the fewer the panels, the most cost effective they are.


Are bifold doors more expensive than other patio doors?

Bifold doors may certainly seem like a luxurious patio door choice and depending on your project and budget, they may seem expensive – but they don’t have to be. As you can see from above, some of our bifold doors can cost as little as £2720 (excluding VAT).

If we compare these to the starting prices of our sliding and French doors, where you can expect to pay a starting price of £3340 (excluding VAT) for our aluminium sliding doors, a start price of £2500 for our aluminium French doors and our timber French doors start at £2205.

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