Bifold doors are a super popular glazing solution as they create a beautifully seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Extremely versatile, our bifold doors have many different opening styles and options.

How do bifolds open?

Bifold doors are made up from multiple panels with the smallest bifolds having a minimum of 2. When opening, these panels stack together in a concertina style and the track system at the bottom of the doors allow for a smooth motion, making them easy to use.

We’d recommend your bifold doors have a master door, one that is independent from the rest, so you can open this to gain access to the outside without having to open your bifold doors fully. You’ll need three panels as a minimum for this.

Can our bifolds open inwards and outwards?

Yes! Our timber and aluminium bifold doors open both inwards and outwards.

When deciding which is best, think about the width of the opening as this will help you to decide how many panels (also known as doors) you will need, that will then be stacked together in the space, either inside or outside.

If you’re limited for space outside, inward opening bifold doors may be better suited to your self-build, home renovation or improvement needs. Limited space on the inside, outward opening bifold doors may be best for you.

Can our bifold doors open from both sides?

Yes! This does depend on you having the right number of panels, more than three, but our bifold doors can open from both sides creating an opening in the middle, or slightly off-centre, depending on the number you choose.

Want to know more about our bifold door configurations? Read our bifold door configurations guide! Or if you want to know more about our bifold doors in general, why not read our complete guide to bifold doors or our other bifold door FAQs including:

Have more questions about how our bifold doors open? Contact us and one of our team will be happy to talk you through the options.