At Kloeber we specialise in custom-made windows and doors tailored to your self-build, home renovation or improvement project. We’re also specialists in three materials; timber, aluminium and alu-clad, and our bespoke casement windows are available in all three! They can also be painted in your favourite RAL colour (or finished in your favourite wood stain if you choose timber) and can be fitted with double or triple glazing.

So, you’re probably wondering…

How much do Kloeber’s casement windows cost?

As you can imagine, with all of these options to choose from, the possibilities are almost endless when you pick our casement windows, and this can make it quite difficult for us to offer a rough cost without speaking to you. However, we can offer you a starting price – aren’t we nice?

For our timber casement windows, you can expect a starting price of £350 (excluding VAT).

Our aluminium casement windows also start at £350 (excluding VAT) and our alu-clad casement windows have a starting price of £450 (excluding VAT) – because they benefit from two materials, timber on the inside and aluminium on the outside.


Are Kloeber’s casement windows expensive or more expensive than other windows?

Well, it all depends on what you are comparing them to. Yes, compared to UPVC windows of standard sizes, our bespoke casement windows are likely to seem expensive but they also benefit from being longer-lasting, more durable and more suited to your project’s needs.

What about Kloeber’s other windows?

We have a few other styles of windows; our tilt and turn and our fixed glazing (non-opening) windows, which are available in all three materials, and our new heritage and Über windows, which are only available in aluminium.

For more information about the cost of our casement windows, why not contact us and speak to one of our team members? They’ll be able to chat with you about your projects requirements, discuss with you the details of our casement windows and provide you with a more specific quote.

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