You’ve picked the style of windows you want for your home, the material and maybe even the colour too, but we’ll guarantee you’re not 100% set on your choice until you know whether the ones you have picked are going to keep your home safe and secure. So…

Are Kloeber’s casement windows secure and safe?

At Kloeber we fully appreciate that the security of your windows should be right at the top of the priority list, but it can feel like it is something that is easily forgotten about whilst you’re looking at all the different styles, materials and colours options.

We’ve got your back though because security is exactly where it should be on our manufacturing checklist – right at the top! The security of our casement windows, like all of our bespoke windows and doors, is of utmost importance, and all of our casement windows are fitted with high security glass and, the very traditional, espagnolette locking mechanism.

An added benefit of our aluminium casement windows is that they comply with Part Q of the Building Regulations and meet the security requirements of British Standards publication PAS24:2016.

Our timber casement windows are also tested to PAS 24 standard – a Publicly Available Specification used across the doors and windows industry – guaranteeing all of our windows have been manufactured to an agreed standard of security.

So, yes, to answer your question, all of our casement windows are super secure and safe.

Are casement windows easy to break into?

In general, casement windows are rather hard to break into as, when they’re closed and latched, the seal is super tight and secure, and the only way to force the window open, would be by smashing the glass. And with our high security glass, this won’t be too easy either!

Are casement windows more secure than other windows?

When you purchase windows from us at Kloeber you can be assured that all of our windows have been manufactured to the highest of standards. Each has been made in the same way so they are all just as safe and secure as each other. Therefore, our casement windows are not more secure than any of our other windows.

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