Kloeber can provide a technical survey of your aperture(s) which will give you peace of mind that the frame dimensions of your products are exactly as required.  We charge for this depending on the size and type of project.

Find our more about our technical survey service and use our interactive map HERE!

We highly recommend a survey on larger jobs to give our clients the security of knowing we are fully responsible for the sizes of our frames.  In some cases, we can help out by being part of a conversation with other trades on site to discuss finishes and the fabric of the building.  We don’t have to measure your apertures though, in fact, most of our orders proceed from client confirmed frame sizes, which we’re also happy to take from your builder, architect or project manager. It can really help with site scheduling as the products can be made whilst the apertures are being built.

Our staff are all fully trained to talk you through the process of measuring to ensure your frames are the correct size. We also have measuring templates that you can fill in and send back to us. As a general rule of thumb, we advise you to measure your aperture(s) from outside and always from the building structure (brick, block, timber stud not render, plaster or cladding). You should take the structural opening sizes horizontally across the top, middle and bottom and vertically on the left hand side, the right and in the middle and then take the smallest of the height and width dimensions and take off a tolerance. It’s also very important to check the aperture all round to make sure it’s plumb and level and consider the threshold detail and its relationship with the finished floor level.

If you need any help with this then please speak to your salesperson and we’ll be glad to point you in the right direction.