Exterior French doors are a very classic patio door choice, in fact, if your project is a home renovation or improvement, it is highly likely that the patio doors you are replacing are already French doors. But, that doesn’t mean an upgrade of style from one French door to another, or adding French doors into your self-build, isn’t the perfect choice and luckily, our exterior French doors work beautifully in both traditional and modern properties.

How do French doors open?

If you are wanting to replace existing French doors with new or you’ve had French doors in previous properties you’ve lived in, you are most likely aware that French doors are usually made up of two separate doors, and one has to be opened before the other. You also probably know that both doors can be opened to create a larger opening, compared to when you just open one.

Can French doors open inwards and outwards?

Most exterior French doors can open both inwards and outwards, and this is the same for our bespoke exterior French doors here at Kloeber. So if you’re struggling for space inside and have more space outside, outward opening French doors will be ideal for you.

Inward opening French doors may be better suited to you if you have the opposite – more inside space vs outside space – making this configuration ideal for balconies.

modern french doors

Can French doors open 180 degrees?

Yes! All of our exterior French doors are fitted with hinges that allow them to open to the point at which they become in contact with something else, and therefore they can fully open to 180 degrees, lying flat against your interior or exterior surface (depending on your opening choice – outwards or inwards). However, it is worth noting that our French doors are not supplied with parliament hinges like some others are.

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