Whether you’re building your dream home, renovating a property to make it your dream home, or adding a few improvements to your dream home, upgrading your front door (also known as entrance) is the perfect finishing touch.

Choosing the right front/entrance door will, as with all new windows and doors, depend on your needs and what style or design you are looking for. But before you think about the aesthetics of your new front/entrance door, think about the practicalities, such as which way you want it to open.

Can Kloeber’s front doors open outwards?

Yes, all of our front/entrance doors can open both inwards (the more traditional way) and outwards. But why would you want your front/entrance door to open outwards?

Well, the main reason would be space. If you’re limited for space on the inside of your home, maybe you have a super narrow hallway or no hallway at all, you may wish to have a front/entrance door that opens outwards.

What is the opening size?

The opening size of your new front/entrance door will be dependent on the size of the door you choose – the wider the door, the bigger the opening size, and so on.

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