Rooflights are a great way to add more natural light into your home and at Kloeber, we have two different styles available for you to choose from; the everso classic pitched and the more contemporary flat. Both of these styles are available in aluminium and they can both complement either traditional or modern homes.

Before you decide whether rooflights are right for your self-build, home renovation or improvement project, check out some of these common questions and answers below.

What size do rooflights come in? Is there a standard size or weight?

Unlike some of our other glazing solutions, we do not have any standard sizes for our rooflights. They are completely bespoke in size and are tailored to the space you have, and you may wish to choose from multiple rooflights or just one, depending on the look and feel you are wanting to achieve.

The weight of the rooflight is also bespoke too and the weight will be calculated separately once all the other factors have been decided i.e. size and choice of glass.

How many rooflights do I need?

This may come as no surprise to you but as many as you wish. The number of rooflights you need will still depend on your design preferences and the structure of your space – something that will need to be discussed – but overall, you can have as many or as little as you would like.

How do rooflights open?

Our rooflights are only available with outward opening elements so you will need to make sure you have space on the outside of your chosen installation area for this to work. You can of course choose to have no opening elements too.

How much do rooflights cost?

Of course, with our rooflights being completely custom to your project, it can be hard for us to give you an exact cost without speaking to you about your needs. However, we do have some starting prices. For our pitched rooflights – our KustomLantern – you can expect a starting price of approx £850 (excluding VAT). Our flat rooflights – our KustomLite – has a starting price of approx £520 (excluding VAT).

Hopefully, these frequently asked questions have helped you to decide if rooflights are the right choice for your self-build, home renovation or improvement project but if not, feel free to contact us!

You can also check out our blog for other inspiration and our other FAQs.