As with all of our windows and doors, our external sliding doors are bespoke to you and your self-build, home renovation or improvement needs. With each person’s desires likely to be wildly different, it can be difficult for us to offer a price without speaking to you in more detail. Luckily, however, we do have some starting prices which you can use as a rough estimate, these include; £2,320 (excluding VAT) for our KustomSlide Mono and £2,595 (excluding VAT) for our KustomSlide Plus.

Are Kloeber’s sliding doors expensive?

If you have been looking at UPVC sliding doors, then yes, it is likely that our alu-clad and aluminium sliding doors are more expensive in comparison but, with our doors being made-to-measure and of higher quality, you’ll benefit from a more desirable and longer-lasting set of sliding doors.

Are sliding doors more expensive than other patio doors?

Again, this is really dependent on the type of patio doors you are looking for. If you are comparing our bespoke sliding doors with our other bespoke patio doors – such as our bifolds and French doors – you’ll find that our French doors are a less expensive option, with our lowest starting price being £1,550 (excluding VAT) for our timber French doors and our most expensive starting price being £2,250 (excluding VAT) for our alu-clad French doors.

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Our bifold doors vary a little more in starting price with our lowest being more cost effective than our sliding doors, at £1,775 (excluding VAT) for our timber bifolds. But if you were wanting to stick with aluminium, then our aluminium sliding doors may actually work out as a more cost saving option, as our aluminium bifolds start at £2,815 (excluding VAT).

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