External sliding doors are becoming increasingly popular as new technologies allow for thinner frames, boosting the view of your outdoor space from inside your home. Another versatile glazing solution, our external sliding doors are available in two different materials; aluminium and alu-clad, and a large variety of colours. But…

How do external sliding doors work?

Unlike bifold doors which have panels that stack together multiple times when open (requiring stacking space), external sliding doors work by sliding along tracks fitted to the top and bottom of the frame, and there tends to be one panel which doesn’t move at all, where the other panel(s) sit on top once opened.

As there is one fixed panel, this does mean that external sliding doors do not “fully open” like bifolds and they offer less of an opening. However, external sliding doors do have a higher frame to glass ratio, so when closed, they offer a more uninterrupted view – especially with our aluminium UberSlide sliding doors which have super slimline sightlines at only 20mm.

How many external sliding doors/panels can I have?

With our external sliding doors at Kloeber, you can choose from up to 6 sliding panels, offering you a variety of configurations, and perfect if you have a large space you want open but little room for stacking patio doors.

Can external sliding doors open from both sides?

Yes! Both our aluminium and alu-clad external sliding doors are able to open from both sides, creating an opening in the middle of the doors, rather than at one end. Of course, for this to work, it does require you to have quite a bit of space as you need a fixed panel on each side, so you’ll have to have a minimum of 4 panels of glass – 2 fixed and 2 sliding.

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