With so much glass, you may be left wondering…are external sliding doors safe and secure? Well, you can feel reassured when picking ours, as each is fitted with a super secure locking mechanism!

Choose any of our KustomSlide doors and you will benefit from a concealed multi-point locking system. Pick our ÜberSlide doors and you’ll get to experience a high security electronic locking system.

slimline sliding door

So, now you can answer your own question with…yes! External sliding doors are safe and secure, despite all the glass.

Can external sliding doors be locked?

We’re pretty sure you know the answer to this question now, but just in case, yes, Kloeber’s external sliding doors can be locked.

And, to top it off, as with all of our bespoke windows and doors, they comply with Part Q of the Building Regulations and meet the security requirements of British Standards publication PAS24:2016.

Have more questions about the security of our sliding doors? Contact us – one of our team will be more than happy to talk to you about your self-build, home renovation or improvement project, and how our sliding doors just might be the perfect patio door solution!

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