Bifold doors really open up an indoor space and offer you unrivalled views of your garden – all whilst creating a beautifully seamless transition from inside to out. But how wide can your bifold doors really be? Let’s find out…

Are there standard bifold door sizes?

The best place to start, as it’s the simplest, is with our standard options. We have two different standard ranges; K-Fold and EuroFold.


Available in aluminium only, these bifold doors are our most affordable option and have a minimum panel width of 750mm and a maximum panel width of 1,200mm. The minimum panel height is 1,800mm and the maximum panel height is 2,500mm, with options to choose up to 14 panels.

View our K-Fold aluminium bifold doors for more information.


Our EuroFold range is available in both timber and aluminium, and you can pick from either 3, 4, 5 or 6 panels. Each panel has a minimum height of 2,000mm and this can be increased by increments of 10mm up to a maximum height of 2,200mm.

If you choose 3 panels, you can pick from 5 standard overall widths including:

  • 2,090mm
  • 2,390mm
  • 2,690mm
  • 2,990mm
  • 3,470mm

If you choose 4 panels, you can pick from 2 standard overall widths including:

  • 3,470mm
  • 3,990mm

If you choose 5 panels, you can pick from 2 standard overall widths including:

  • 4,312mm
  • 4,990mm

And finally, if you choose 6 panels, you can pick from 2 standard overall widths including:

  • 5,155mm
  • 5,990mm

View our timber Eurofold bifold doors and aluminium Eurofold bifold doors for more information.

What about Kloeber’s bespoke bifolds?

The clue is somewhat in the name…our bespoke bifold doors, known as our KustomFold range, are available in custom sizes! This means you can have a bit more control over the creative direction as to what you want your bifold doors to look like, and how they match your self-build or home renovation project style.

How many panels can I choose from?

Our KustomFold bifold doors are also available in aluminium and timber and you can choose from 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 panels – two more panel options compared to our standard EuroFold range.

Are there maximum and minimum heights and widths?

With each of your custom bifold panels, there is a minimum and maximum height and width, but the possibilities are pretty endless.

How wide can my panels be?

Our timber KustomFold bifold doors have a minimum panel width of 400mm and a maximum panel width of 1,200mm. This means the overall width of your bifold doors can be as little as 800mm (2 panels with the minimum width of 400mm) or as wide as 8,400mm (7 panels with the maximum width of 1,200mm).

If you were to pick our aluminium KustomFold bifold doors instead, your minimum panel width is slightly bigger at 500mm but your maximum panel width is the same at 1,200mm.

What about the panel height?

When choosing our timber KustomFold doors the minimum panel height is 1,600mm and the maximum panel height is 2,545mm which means, the overall opening of your bifold doors could be as small as 800mm by 1,600mm or as big as 8,400mm by 2,545mm.

Again, with our aluminium KustomFolds, there are some slight differences in the panel heights, with the minimum being 1,745mm (145mm more than our timber) and the maximum being 2,865mm (320mm more than our timber). This means when you pick our aluminium KustomFolds your overall opening can be 1,00mm by 1,745mm or 8,400mm by 2,865mm.

View our timber KustomFold bifold doors and aluminium KustomFold bifold doors to find out more.

What about internal bifold doors?

As our internal bifold doors are custom too, they’re available in bespoke sizes as well.

These bifold doors, known as our InterFold doors, are available in a minimum overall width of 900mm and a maximum overall width of 6,000mm, and a minimum height of 1,800mm and a maximum height of 2,700mm. View our InterFold bifolds.

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