As the quintessential British style, casement windows can add a beautifully classic touch to both modern and traditional homes. Available in timber, aluminium and alu-clad, when you purchase your bespoke windows from us at Kloeber, you can happily choose to match or contrast your home’s exterior and interior materials.

Of course, before you make your material choice, you’re likely to want to know what size our casement windows come in, and whether there are any standard sizes or maximum and minimum heights and widths.

What size do casement windows come in?

Just like with all of our bespoke windows and doors, the size in which they come in is custom to your self-build, home renovation or improvement projects needs. However, there are some maximum and minimum heights and widths that you should probably be aware of – although we’re pretty sure these won’t put your off our bespoke casement windows!

What are the minimum and maximum sizes?

Unlike with some of our other bespoke doors and windows, no matter what material you choose for our casement windows, the maximum and minimum widths and heights are the same.

The minimum sash width you can choose from is 400mm and the maximum sash width is 800mm. The minimum sash height is 600mm and the maximum sash height is 1,500mm.

Do you have more questions about casements windows? Read our other FAQs:

Or contact us! One of our team will be ever so happy to help. They love talking through self-build, home renovation and improvement projects, especially if you’re struggling to pick which doors and windows would look best and in what material.

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