With their higher glass ratio (compared to bifold doors), external sliding doors allow you to maximise the views of your outside area. They’re also a great option if you are more limited on space on either side of your door opening – where bifold doors would need to stack or French doors would need to swing open.

But what size do external sliding doors come in?

Are there standard sizes?

At Kloeber, we specialise in bespoke doors and windows, and unlike our bifold and French doors, our external sliding doors do not come in any standard sizes – we’ll tailor them to your project’s exact requirements.

We have four different external sliding doors available; our KustomSlide, KustomSlide Mono, KustomSlide Plus and ÜberSlide. Our KustomSlide doors are manufactured in an alu-clad material – with softwood, meranti or oak on the inside and aluminium on the outside – and our KustomSlide Plus and Mono, and ÜberSlide doors are manufactured in aluminium – making all of these doors perfectly suited to more modern homes. Does your home have a more traditional style? Don’t write these doors off, aluminium can also add a wonderful contrast.

What about maximum and minimum sizes?

With all of our KustomSlide external sliding doors, there is a minimum frame width of 1,580mm and a maximum frame width of a huge 15,000mm. There is also a minimum frame height of 1,900mm and a maximum frame height of 2,760mm.

Our ÜberSlide doors are slightly different due to their minimal sightlines and these are measured in panel width and height rather than frame width and height. The minimum panel width for these doors is 500mm and the maximum panel width is 4,200mm. The minimum panel height is 1,500mm and the maximum panel height is 3,200mm.

How many panels can I choose from?

With all of our external sliding doors you can choose from 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 panels allowing you to create unique designs that can either match or contrast with the style of your home, as well as meeting your space requirements. Fancy creating a bifold door look but with sliding doors? Choose multiple panels, say 5 or 6, to fit within your frame width, rather than two – like with this property.

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Have more questions about the sizes of our sliding doors or how they might fit in your self-build, home renovation or improvements project? One of our team will be more than happy to help – contact us!