You’ve probably spent a lot of time at home recently, possibly picking fault in all the bits you no longer love about it. Maybe you’re thinking it’s looking a little tired and needs a bit of a makeover? Maybe you’re questioning; how can I make improvements and make it more colourful?

Well…we’re here to help! Here’s our top ten ways to add colour to your home and brighten up your home’s lockdown look…

A cosy pop of colour

A great, easy and cost effective way of adding colour to your home is by adding colourful soft furnishings, such as this bright yellow sofa.

We love how this home has achieved a chic balance by incorporating the yellow sofa with a contrasting grey sofa opposite, mirroring the bright yellow sofa in the cushions.

Be careful though, adding a bright yellow sofa doesn’t work in every home, it works well here because there is plenty of space and light coming through the aluminium fixed glazing – another superb touch, showing off the original features of this home.

how to improve your home

A bright welcome

Add a punch of colour to the entrance of your home with a brightly coloured front door, like this turquoise blue timber FunkyFront door.

Entrance/front doors are a great way to brighten up your home and why not add touches of the same colour throughout the interior to create a colourful theme?

A mix match

If you don’t want to stick to just one colour, why not mix and match a few, like in this home? We love how they have chosen three, each adding a burst of colour in the minimalist decor, creating a beautiful balance between style and playfulness.

And the love doesn’t stop there, we really like how they’ve continued with the minimalist and stylish feel with their aluminium KustomFold bifold doors and matching aluminium windows.

A subtle touch

Another beautiful way to add colour to your home is by adding coloured kitchen cupboards, like these lovely baby blue ones.

As you can see, they have added a subtle hint of colour to this open plan kitchen space, and the baby blue works really well with the contrasting wooden countertops, wooden flooring and wooden dining room table.

Not to overdo the wooden look throughout, these owners have also very cleverly added another dimension within the design of their kitchen by choosing aluminium casement windows.

It’s all about the colour, about the colour

If mixing and matching coloured dining room chairs or subtle kitchen cupboards are not quite enough, why not go all out with colour and bring the two together, as in this home.

We love the bold navy that’s been chosen for the kitchen cupboards and the bright red dining chairs. It’s also great to see the bold colour choices haven’t stopped there with contrasting yellow breakfast bar stools.

The overall design and style of this kitchen is a little bit more quirk than the open plan one above (we absolutely love both!) and we really like how the owners have kept this look and feel even in their timber flush casement windows and matching timber french doors.

Not so subtle

If you’re feeling a little bit daring, why not add an explosion of colour with bright and bold windows?

This yellow aluminium window might not be quite to your taste, but you can easily see how coloured windows can add a bold statement to the outside decoration of your home.

If you like the idea of adding a splash of colour on the outside but not sure about how it would look on the in, or vice versa, our alu-clad tilt and turn and casement windows allow you to have different colours on the inside and the out, so you can match the external and internal decor of your home however you wish.

Wild greenery

With all this time at home, you may have spent some of it in your outdoor space and we bet you’ve thought to yourself at least once, that some colour could do with being added there too!

As well as adding a mixture of colourful flowers to your outdoor space, make sure there is plenty of greenery too. And why not encourage some visitors to your home, with plants specifically designed to bring in birds, bees and other wildlife.

Natural tones

Colour doesn’t necessarily have to be bright and bursting for all to see, as we saw with the more subtle baby blue kitchen cupboards. But you can also be even more subtle by adding natural woods too, as these do add colour to your home as well.

These oak bifold doors are a great example of adding colour with natural wood and they compliment the brickwork and paving slabs beautifully. We also love how the owners have carried the natural wood through to the interior with a matching oak dining table.

Interchangeable outdoor furnishings

Adding wild greenery and colourful flowers are not always an option for every home, especially when space is limited or if you have pets that might dig up said plants – this is where outdoor furniture and furnishings come in handy, just like here with this home.

We love how the owners have used a mixture of different textures including the pastel rugs, white plastic lounge chairs and dark wood decking. We also love how they have mirrored the colour of the aluminium KustomFold bifold doors in the grey slate side table – what a lovely subtle touch!

And…the biggest benefit of adding colour with outdoor furniture and furnishings is, if you decide you no longer like the colour the next year, you can easily change it.

Big, bright and bold

If you love colour as much as we do and you’re wanting to go a little bit crazy, why not paint your whole house in your favourite colour!

Yellow might be a little bit much for some but it adds a warm sunshine feel and it will definitely brighten up your day when you return home from a bad day at work (if you’re ever allowed back in the office!).

Why not take it up another level and instead of adding a natural wood entrance door like this KlassicFront (although we do like the contrasting touch of this beauty), go even more crazy and add another explosion of colour with a bright entrance door too – maybe a bright red, green or blue?!

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Posted: July 23, 2020

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