What is industrial style?

The industrial look is now a staple trend that is set to stay firmly within the modern interior design landscape. This look is all about keeping it simple, functional, and exposing what would usually be concealed. Think unshaded light bulbs, plastered walls left unpainted, cracked concrete, and plenty of raw materials including metals such as aluminium as well as exposed brick and wood. 

What’s to love about the industrial style of design?

Not only is this home trend one that will be sticking around for a long time, but it’s also a more environmentally-friendly approach to home decor. Encouraging the use of recycled and salvaged materials, and sourcing preloved items such as wire racking and even old factory parts that can make for an interesting feature. It’s also a fairly easy trend to pull off as it doesn’t require a huge budget, just a few small tweaks and additions can help you to bring this trend into your home. Of course, there are larger investments you can make, such as your glazing, to complete the look.

What are the key aspects of industrial design?

  • Colour – stick to a neutral base (grey, black or white work well) and add layers with moody tones and splashes of colour through an interesting and vibrant piece of art which can bring a space to life.
  • Material – reclaimed wood, concrete, brick, aluminium, iron, steel, stone, and copper all work well. Avoid too many plush fabrics.
  • Accessories –  aim to keep the space clutter-free but add interest with unique sculptures and salvaged items. Head to your local vintage homeware store to snap up some interesting pieces.

How can I make the industrial style work in my house?

Designed to add a raw edginess to living spaces, the industrial look doesn’t have to be all dark and harsh. Splashes of colour will add warmth to this look, and texture also plays a big role in creating a cohesive space. Whilst the stripped back, exposed look plays a big part in this style of design, you also don’t want your home emulating a warehouse! 

These homeowners hit the mark and show us just how to incorporate industrial style into our homes, whilst still maintaining a cosy and welcoming living space.

Let’s take a look…

Bifold doors with glazing bars

Glazing bars are a great way to add an industrial touch to your property, as demonstrated by one of our customers who decided to add this optional extra to their bifold doors. The exposed beams and glass shaded bulbs also give a nod to the trend, but the space is kept feeling homely thanks to the artwork on the wall, and a splash of colour with the dusty pink accent chair and green cushion. 

industrial style home design

Industrial style kitchen perfection

This sleek and stylish kitchen ticks all of the boxes when it comes to incorporating the industrial trend into your home. Our black aluminium bifold doors perfectly complement the dark kitchen units, and the black steel-look hanging lights. The Persian-style rug adds just the right amount of colour and warmth to a kitchen that is otherwise monochrome. Industrial-style done right!

industrial style bifolds

Think about your exterior too

It’s not just the inside of your house that can benefit from the industrial style of design. Think about how you can bring this trend to the exterior of your home too. This is where your glazing comes in! Your windows are a big feature and really set the tone when it comes to first impressions of a property. Aluminium is the perfect material for an industrial feel, team with the additional glazing bars and you’re headed in the right direction! We love how this customer teamed our Heritage window with an exposed outside bulb against more traditional looking brickwork. The perfect example of when old meets new and totally works. 

Natural materials are a winner

This self-build is a wonderful example of how effective the use of natural materials can be. The exposed beams, teamed with the black timber cladding create a unique and industrial-inspired look for the exterior of the property. To complete this self-build’s exterior, the owners opted for our aluminium casement windows and aluminium KustomSlide sliding doors. Read more about this project here.

Industrial meets cottage chic 

The industrial style isn’t strictly for modern homes with a minimalist design. Just take this thatched cottage as an example! We love how the owners of this property have maintained the cottage features but introduced a few industrial touches including the aluminium French doors with fixed glazing, the reclaimed wood countertop, contrasting units, and grey metal-look light fixtures. It’s the perfect combination of old and new, classic and contemporary, and just shows that this trend is super versatile and works well in all property types. 

Make an entrance

Your front door is one of the first elements of your home that is noticed and can really have an impact on the overall look of your exterior. Make a statement with an aluminium door just like this customer who chose our bespoke FunkyFront entrance door in an industrial grey. This door not only looks super sleek but it will add security and better thermal efficiency to this home. 

Industrial minimalism

This stylish self-build provides us with a lesson in expert minimalist home design, working with a predominantly grey colour palette but keeping it cosy by adding warmth to the property through natural wood, indoor plants and softer beige tones. The dark grey interior doors are an interesting feature and flow in harmony with the kitchen units and bar stools. Of course, an open-plan living space this beautiful home wouldn’t be complete without a set of sliding doors! This customer chose our KustomSlide Plus sliding doors due to the extra-wide panels we offer, allowing maximum natural light to flood through this living area. Read more about this project here.

Interior view of Cambs self-build through open aluminium sliding doors

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Posted: May 11, 2022

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