Are you looking to integrate your indoor and outdoor space and enjoy unobstructed views of your garden? Bifold doors are a hugely popular glazing choice thanks to their ability to fully open up and neatly stack together. It’s a great choice for those wanting to achieve that seamless transition from inside to out!

Today we’re answering some of your common questions when it comes to bifold doors, which will hopefully help you if you’re considering adding this fantastic style of door to your home.

Why bifold doors?

Bifold doors enable you to make that beautiful connection from inside to out, thanks to their fully opening design. Unlike sliding or French doors, when fully open, you can enjoy completely unobstructed views of your garden and naturally extend your living space. Generally, bifold doors work best when the outside area is the same level, in order for this space to feel as though it’s part of the house.

Are bifold doors secure?

As a major access point to your home, it’s natural to be concerned regarding security, but there’s no need to panic as all of our bifold doors are highly secure! The master door has a multi-point locking mechanism with hook bolts, intermediate doors have bolts to top and bottom.

What material is best for bifold doors?

Here at Kloeber we’re experts in three materials; timber, aluminium and alu-clad. This means we’re able to offer our guidance and help you to choose the right material for your project! If it’s a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic you’re going for, then aluminium is a fantastic option for that sleek look. If it’s more of a traditional style you’re after, our timber bifolds will add a classic touch, of course, you can have the best of both worlds with our alu-clad!

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bifold door FAQs

What colour can I choose for bifold doors?

Our bifold doors are available in any RAL colour and a range of wood stains, the world is your oyster.

How many bifold door panels will I need?

At Kloeber, all of our bifold doors are made-to-measure (with the exception of our set-size Eurofold) and the number of panels required will be based on your dimensions. Fewer panels will result in a clearer view and allow for more natural light to flood through, and of course, we recommend a single access door for ease.

Are bifold doors energy efficient?

All of our bifold doors offer high performance and market-leading energy efficiency! Boasting low U-values, you can enjoy a reduced carbon footprint and save on your heating bills.

What configurations are available?

Our bifold doors are made-to-measure and available in a wide variety of configurations such as folding to the right, to the left also folding both ways, right and left. Click to find out more about KustomFold bifold door configurations.

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Sliding vs bifold doors

A question our customers are often faced with is: sliding or bifold doors? Whilst both options provide various different benefits, it really depends on what it is you want to achieve. If you’re seeking a door that opens up to full-width, blurring the boundaries, then bifold doors are ideal.

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How much do bifold doors cost?

The cost of bifold doors is dependent on your required specification. If you’re on a budget then our set size Eurofolds are a cost-effective option if the dimension and colour options suit. Or perhaps you’d prefer our budget-conscious aluminium KustomFold range. Why not get in touch so that our team can arrange a free quote for you!

Whether you’re a self-builder, renovator, or just looking to make some effective home improvements, our bifold doors are guaranteed to make an impact! If you have any questions, our sales team would be delighted to help.

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Posted: June 10, 2020

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