Your front door is a statement, and it can have a significant impact on the overall look of your property. Make the first impression count! There are endless options when it comes to choosing a shiny new front door, and we’re here to take you through some of them.

One of the first decisions you will need to make is the material you’d like for your new entrance door, there are two options here at Kloeber; timber and aluminium.

Let’s start by looking at timber…

Timber Front Doors

One of the concerns customers have regarding timber is the ageing over time, the good news is…we use strong engineered timber. This means you don’t need to worry about warping or shrinking. As well as this, our multi-coat microporous paint system means you won’t need to repaint your door for many years to come. Together, these two features make timber doors an excellent choice for properties of all designs and styles.

Benefits of timber front doors:

  • Aesthetic appeal – add a feeling of warmth to your property
  • Sustainability – did you know all of our timber is FSC certified?
  • Naturally insulating – keeping the warmth in and the cold out!
  • Low maintenance – thanks to our microporous paint system
  • Low U-Values – to keep your carbon footprint down
  • Versatile – looks great on all types of propertiess

Sound good? Let’s take a closer look at the various different timber front doors you can find here at Kloeber!

FunkyFront Timber Front Door

Our award-winning FunkyFront door is one of our most popular styles. This innovative door system is completely bespoke and allows you creative control, ensuring the perfect door for your home. You can select from a wide range of panel styles and frames in softwood, oak, or hardwood, and select your ironmongery and colour to create a custom design you will be proud of.

guide to timber front doors

Our FunkyFront allows you the freedom to express your design tastes, and you can choose from any RAL colour – so, what will it be? A bright pop of orange, a pastel pink or perhaps something a little more lowkey such as a soft grey? As well as this, you can also make the most of our dual colour option to match your interior decor. So it might be that you opt for a bold statement colour on the outside, but a cool neutral tone on the inside to complement your interior walls. We also have a number of timber stains you can choose from if you prefer the natural timber look as opposed to colour.

Another bonus, these front doors are sold as a complete system, so you won’t need to worry about any extra hidden costs such as locks or handles.

Why not create your own timber Funky Front with our door designer tool?

Euro FunkyFront Timber Front Door

Enjoy the same premium style as the FunkyFront, but with a set choice of options and a slightly lower price tag. While the Euro FunkyFront doesn’t allow the creative freedom our standard FunkyFront does, it’s a fantastic choice for home improvers on a stricter budget. You will also still benefit from the same high-security locking system and excellent U-values so you don’t need to worry about compromising on quality either. The Euro is based on our popular ‘Hamburg’ door style in engineered hardwood and comes with four available frame choices as well as four different RAL finishes and two wood stain options, so there’s still an element of choice with this timber door, just not quite as much as our standard FunkyFront!

guide to front doors

KlassicFront Timber Front Door

This bespoke, traditional style front door looks simply perfect on period properties, but likewise, it also looks fantastic on more contemporary homes that want a classic touch! Just take a look at this development of new builds in Essex where the KlassicFront was the door of choice, proof that this design can suit all different types of homes from old to new.

guide to front doors

Choose from a range of traditional panel styles, select your ironmongery, and put your final stamp on this front door with your choice of colour. With over 200 RAL colours to select from, you can really make the KlassicFront your own. Similarily to the FunkyFront, the KlassicFront also boasts the opportunity to go for our dual colour option, allowing you to match your interior. This heritage style of door is a timeless design and one that will definitely add that curb appeal to your property.

Design your own KlassicFront with our interactive door designer tool!

RetroFront Timber Front Door

Is mid-century design more your thing? We’ve got you covered with our unique RetroFront entrance door. Offering the same quality construction and performance of the award-winning FunkyFront, but with a fun retro twist! You can select from a range of retro panel styles and co-ordinate this with our various different glass panels. How fabulous does this sunrise inspired glass panel look? If you’re looking for something a little different, the RetroFront is a superb choice.

retro front door design

Again with this style front door, you have a wide range of options to choose from to make it unique to you, from polished brass, polished chrome, satin nickel or matt bronze ironmongery to finalising the design with your choice of RAL colour.

Create your own RetroFront from home with our door designer tool.

So, there we have it, our range of bespoke timber front doors, but, if you’re looking for an aluminium front door – we’ve got those too, boasting the same high-quality performance…

Aluminium Front Doors

Whilst timber is a fantastic option, you might be looking for an aluminium front door instead, another great all-rounder and versatile choice. Aluminium front doors suit all styles of home from a period countryside cottage, to an ultra-modern self-build.

Benefits of aluminium front doors:

  • Durability – our special powder-coated finish does not peel, rust or discolour
  • Thermal performance – in the past aluminium could not compete with the thermal performance of timber but those days are long gone thanks to new technology
  • Aesthetic – ideal for more contemporary properties but will look fantastic on more period homes
  • Recyclable – aluminium is fully recyclable and won’t sit in the landfill for years to come

Let’s take a closer look at our aluminium front doors…

FunkyFront Aluminium Front Door

Our statement FunkyFront is also available in aluminium! Just like the timber version, you can enjoy the flexibility of various different style options to make a door that’s true to your design tastes – with 11 contemporary panel styles, a number of ironmongery choices and the freedom to select from over 200 RAL colours.

These highly insulated door panels achieve a U-value of 0.71 W/m2K and with the use of multi-point locking, advanced weather sealing and the option of triple glazing you can be sure that this high-performance front door will serve you well for many years to come.

aluminium front door guide

You can design your dream door from the comfort of your own home with our door designer tool!


Why buy a Kloeber front door?

Fallen in love with one of our door designs but still pondering whether to take the plunge? When you buy a door from Kloeber you can be sure that…

  • You’re buying from an eco-conscious supplier. We’re a carbon-neutral company that truly care about the planet. We use sustainable materials and are always striving to do more where we can
  • You will have peace of mind – we offer a 10-year warranty on our front doors
  • Benefit from Nationwide deliveries and installation – even if you can’t make it to one of our showrooms you can still be the proud owner of a Kloeber front door
  • You are buying from the experts – all of our design and manufacturing is done in-house and all of our products offer market-leading performance
  • We care about our customers! We often receive high praise for our after-sales service – which can be seen over on our Trustpilot page


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Posted: December 16, 2020

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