Regular cleaning and maintenance of your aluminium and wooden bifold doors will ensure they remain a beautiful design feature in your home for years to come! 

With everyday life, it’s inevitable that fingerprints, dust and debris will soon build up and begin to obstruct your view of the great outdoors, so a little TLC will go a long way with your bifolds.

To help you keep your bifold doors in tip-top condition, we’re sharing exactly how to best clean and maintain your doors with a few frequently asked questions…

How often should I clean my bifold doors?

We would recommend a weekly clean of your glass in order to keep your bifold doors gleaming and to not impair your view of the outside – treat the glazing as you would your windows.  

A build up of dirt can affect the performance of your doors, we therefore also recommend a deeper clean and maintenance of your bifold doors at least every three months, including the frame and tracks. 

Of course, if you live in a coastal area or in a city where pollution is high, you may need to give your bifold doors a deep clean more frequently.

how to clean and maintain bifold doors

What should I use to clean my bifold door frame?

For aluminium bifolds, keep it simple with soapy water!

Powder coated aluminium surfaces should be cleaned with a light soapy solution and a non abrasive cloth (scouring pads will scratch the surface so need to be avoided at all times!) to wipe dirt and debris from the doors – it is not advised to use any solvent based solutions or strong chemicals. TPE gasket seals can also be cleaned with a light soapy water too. 

For wooden bifold door frames…

Gently brush away any dirt, cobwebs and dust, and wash them down with a mild detergent solution.

And what about the glass?

If you’ve got children in the home, you’ll probably find yourself in a never ending cycle of fingerprints on the glass – we feel your pain! 

All glazing should be cleaned with mild soap and water, thoroughly rinsed with clean cold water and wiped dry. 

Did you know…

It’s also best to avoid cleaning any glass when the surface is hot! Also, don’t let any soap solution dry on the surface or you’ll end up with an even bigger cleaning job on your hands…

how to clean bifolds

How do I maintain bifold door tracks and bearings? 

Ensuring your track remains free from debris is important for maintaining its performance. Regularly use a small brush to loosen any debris and where possible, vacuum up with a thin nozzle cleaning attachment. You can also remove any contaminants by simply wiping all visible track surfaces with a damp soft cloth, and then wiping dry with a clean cloth. 

In some cases, to maintain the performance of your bifold doors, you may need to put additional lubricant around the bearings, which will help to reduce wear and improve the smoothness of your track and bearings.

What about the hangers, pivots and brackets?

Any exposed surfaces should be wiped down with warm soapy water and a soft rag, and rinsed clean before applying any surface protectants. A light spray of a corrosion preventative, followed by a light wipe with a dry cloth to remove any excess, is recommended to help keep your hangers, pivots and brackets in tip top condition.

How do I clean my bifold door hinges?

Similarly, your hinges can also benefit from a wipe down with warm soapy water – remember to rinse off and dry with a clean rag! 

An application of a light machine oil or corrosion preventative spray will also help to maintain the original lustre of the metal finish. 

And that’s it! 

So if you want to keep your beautiful bifold doors in great condition to enjoy for many years to come, follow these steps!

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Posted: May 6, 2020

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