Colour…it seems like it should be quite an easy choice, but for many, it can be hard to choose – especially when there are so many options to select  from.

The other thought that can flood your mind when making your colour choice is cost! It is likely that your bifold doors are quite a big part of your budget, so you don’t want to spend your hard earned money only to find that you hate the colour you have picked in a few years to come.

Don’t panic though, this is where we at Kloeber come in! Our expert team is more than happy to help you decide what colour best suits your self-build or home renovation project. So let’s get started with some of the options available to you…

What are my bifold door colour options?

We have some standard colour options for our timber and aluminium bifold doors, as you may expect, so we’ll start with our aluminium bifolds.


All of our aluminium bifold doors are factory finished powder coated, and our made-to-measure aluminium KustomFold doors are available in any RAL colour (over 200) as standard. But our most popular options include; mid grey, anthracite grey, black, and white.


You can also upgrade your KustomFold aluminium bifold doors to metallic or, if you fancy something a little different, you can choose dual colours too – allowing you to match your internal decor with one colour and your external with another.

Our aluminium EuroFold and K-Fold bifolds are ideal if you want the same look and feel as our aluminium KustomFolds, but need to stick to a tighter budget. With set sizes, our EuroFold’s are available in anthracite grey and white, and our K-Fold’s are available in jet black and anthracite grey too.

What do the colours look like?

Check out our KustomFold aluminium bifold doors in black below.

We love how this renovator has kept the black chic style all the way through the exterior, with the matching rooflight and windows.

We know white bifold doors aren’t for everyone, but we do love these.

We also love how this customer has created a high-tech look and feel with the white gloss touches throughout the internal space. Even the lighting is high-tech!


All of our timber bifold doors are available in a range of wood stains, as standard. Here’s a small selection of some of our favourite stains you can choose from:

You can see how each of these stains would suit your self-build or home renovation project by viewing our timber KustomFold range. Here you can select the stain and the stain simulator will display the colour on a sketch of our bifolds, as you can see in the examples below.

We really like these non-traditional stains (limewash on the right and green oak on the left) and they’re perfect if you’d want to add a subtle touch of colour to any self-build or home renovation.

For example, look how this customer matched their limewash bifold doors with the same grey tint with their external wooden cladding.

If you prefer a more traditional stain, however, why not choose something similar to this customer! We love how they have still added a touch of colour with their garden furniture.

What about dual colours? Can I have painted timber bifolds?

The quick answer to both of these questions is yes!

As with some of our aluminium bifold doors, you can choose to have a different colour on your inside and outside timber bifold frames, and you can also choose to have your timber painted rather than stained.

Depending on your budget, our timber EuroFold bifold doors might be the perfect choice for you. Again, they have the same look and feel as our timber KustomFold doors, but our EuroFolds are of set sizes and are available in factory finished jet black, traffic white, anthracite grey and silver grey.

Want to go a bit more wild with colour?

If you’d prefer to add a bit more colour, you’re in luck! With almost all of our bifold doors you can choose from any RAL colour. To help you pick, we’ve grouped the colours together…

Yellows and oranges

Some of these will definitely be too hot to handle for most but there are some more subtle shades here too. We could easily imagine the sand yellow blending beautifully with a brick or wood exterior, and we think the Daffodil yellow would work well in a Mediterranean style garden too.

Oranges and reds

Maybe you’re a football fan and want to add a touch of your team’s home colours, or you love brightly coloured flowers and plan on having plenty of these in your garden? Either way, you might find a nice orange or red hue will work perfectly in your vision. For example, we can definitely picture bright red bifolds in a man cave garden room!

Reds, pinks and purples

If the style of your garden is going to be wild and overgrown with plenty of wildflowers such as the oxeye daisy, cornflower or yarrow, a subtle hint of pink or purple in your bifold doors could be the ideal touch. The pastel violet would work well here with the mix and match blooms, or maybe the purple violet if you don’t want to be too out there with your colour choice.


We absolutely love the blue tones in the RAL colour mix and along with grey, blue can be very trendy in an outdoor setting. For a coastal feel, stick with a pastel tone. For something a little more dramatic, pick a cobalt blue or night blue.


We are, of course, going to be a little biased here…we absolutely love green!

Although there isn’t one that quite matches the Kloeber logo (hehe), a firm favourite of ours is the yellow green. For a more subtle touch however, the reseed green would work well in a garden full of forestry greenery.


Grey is definitely very trendy at the moment but, did you know there are lots of different tones of grey? Just look at all these different options.

Not only is it on trend, but grey is such a versatile colour. As we saw above with the matching wooden cladding, you can pair it with your other external colours, or it is great at creating a contrasting design when mixed with wooden stains too – like with this customer’s home where they’ve also mixed textures by choosing aluminium bifolds instead of timber.

Browns, blacks and whites

We’ve also seen above how brown as a colour can bring a very traditional feel, especially when it’s the colour of a wood stain. But not all browns are so traditional. Take the copper brown for example, with it’s subtle red tone – this would be ideal if you wanted to add a splash of red to your outdoor space but in a more subtle way.

Bifolds aren’t just for the outside!

And nor is colour. At Kloeber, we supply and install internal bifold doors too and our InterFold range is also available in any stain or RAL colour.

You can also choose from a range of glass options, as with all our bifolds, and we love how this home uses their internal bifolds with frosted glass to hide the children’s play area behind, when welcoming dining guests.

A very classic look, these internal bifolds look great in white but we could also imagine them working extremely well in a matching wood stain or even a contrasting RAL colour, such as pastel violet or blue.

We hope you’ve found this guide to your colour options helpful. If you’d like to discuss your project and colour choices in more with one of our team, please contact us today by calling 01487 740044 or emailing us at

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Posted: August 21, 2020

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