When it comes to selecting the perfect front door for your home, the amount of choice can be overwhelming. Aluminium front doors have become increasingly popular due to their sleek design, durability and low maintenance requirements. However, with so many design and material options on the market, making a final decision can sometimes be tricky!

This is where Kloeber is here to help you. In this article, we will explore the benefits of aluminium front doors comparing them to composite doors to determine which option might better suit your aesthetic. 

Aluminium Front Doors, what are the benefits? 

Durability – As a material, aluminium is very strong and resilient, meaning it can withstand harsh weather conditions without warping, cracking or rotting. This makes aluminium doors highly durable and long-lasting!

Aesthetic Appeal – There’s no denying that aluminium doors add a sleek, modern look to any home. If you have a certain vision for your home then Kloeber’s range of  aluminium entrance doors can be factory-finished in any colour, with a dual colour option, to match the interior/exterior of any design.

Energy Efficient – Many aluminium doors are designed with advanced glazing options to help improve energy efficiency. Our award-winning ÜberFront Aluminium Front Door has an insulated core and is the first product with quad glazing in the door panel. These incredible features reduce heat transfer, helping to keep interiors warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This in turn helps to reduce those ever-increasing energy bills! 

Low Maintenance – Unlike a material such as wood*, aluminium does not require frequent painting, staining or treatment to maintain appearance. Usually, a simple wipe-down is sufficient to keep aluminium doors looking clean and new. Saving those precious housework minutes for something more exciting, like enjoying the view of your aluminium doors maybe?

*We must add a little caveat to say that although some timber doors require quite a lot of bothersome maintenance, here at Kloeber our wooden doors use a sophisticated engineered (low-maintenance) timber! So if you like the look of timber, but you’re worried about repainting/treating, then our range of timber front doors might be a good option for you.

What aluminium front doors do Kloeber offer?

We offer two stunning aluminium front doors – the FunkyFront and our newest door to our range, the award-winning ÜberFront (winner of Best Joinery product in the Build It Awards!).

FunkyFront – our aluminium FunkyFront door boasts 11 contemporary panel designs to choose from, impressive U-Values of 0.71 W/m2K, multi-point locking, advanced weather sealing, and the option for triple glazing! This fully bespoke option is available in any RAL colour too.

ÜberFront – this is our newest and highest quality aluminium door yet with an insulated core and the first front door in our range to boast quad glazing in the door panel. It also has a super slick flush-finish panel design – guaranteed to add wow-factor to your home!

What are Composite Doors, are they better than aluminium?

On your journey to a dream front door, you may also be considering alternative options such as a composite front door. Composite doors are a type of exterior door that is made from a combination of materials such as uPVC, laminate and fibreglass. They are popular in the UK because their wood-grain effect finish looks similar to wood, they provide a reasonable efficiency level and are generally a budget-friendly option. Although this may sound appealing when selecting a new door for your home, of course, there are some downsides. 

So, what’s the catch? Here at Kloeber we don’t offer a composite door, for a number of reasons. We only supply the highest quality of glazing in materials that will stand the test of time, look fantastic, and offer incredible thermal efficiency as well as top-notch security. We also only offer materials that are sustainable and won’t negatively affect our planet. Our timber and aluminium ticks all of these boxes.

Aluminium vs Composite, which is better?

The choice between aluminium and composite materials generally depends on the specific application and the criteria that is most important to you. If you want a door that is extremely durable, long-lasting, aesthetically appealing and low maintenance, then alumimium is the material for you. 

In summary, if your primary goal is aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency and high security, then aluminium doors are the best choice for you!

We hope that this article has given you some more insight into the world of aluminium and composite front doors. 

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Posted: May 30, 2024

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