Patio doors are a fantastic way to open up your home and let the natural light flood through! They’re also great for entertaining, especially in the warmer months, as you can throw open the doors and allow for a seamless transition from inside to out. Giving more purpose to your outdoor space, you can enjoy your outdoor space even more with the right doors. 

Perhaps you’ve decided on the style of patio door you want to go for – will it be bifold, sliding, or maybe the classic French door? If not – then our guide might help. One you have decided, the next step is what material to choose. There are a few options to select from, depending on which door design you opt for.

So, let’s take a further look at the various options; timber, aluminium and alu-clad!

Timber Bifold and French doors

Benefits of timber bifold and French Doors

Timber is fantastic for providing that feeling of warmth to your property. Offering an unrivalled connection between the home and garden, timber is the perfect material if you’re seeking something that blends seamlessly with nature. 

Here are a few reasons why timber might be the material of choice for you:

  • It’s a great insulator

Timber has brilliant insulation properties which means you can enjoy a cosy home and lower heating bills, win-win! Getting rid of those chilly draughts you can also enjoy a reduction in noise pollution too. Perfect for when you’re working from home and are needing a little peace and quiet. 

best patio door material timber

  • And a low-maintenance material 

Timber has a bit of an unfair reputation when it comes to maintenance, this is because in the past it was a bit of a pain as it usually required annual repainting. Thankfully, this simply isn’t the case anymore! Due to our advanced microporous paint system, your doors won’t have you reaching for the paintbrush anytime soon. 

  • Plus it’s also earth-friendly

Sustainability is an important factor when it comes to decision-making and the good news is, our timber is an eco-friendly choice. Here at Kloeber, our wood is FSC certified which means it comes from a sustainable source, protects the world’s forest’s and ensures responsible practices. When you purchase timber always look for the tree tick FSC logo to know you’re buying responsibly. 

  • Not to mention, durable

Naturally, you’ll want your doors to stand the test of time. Fortunately, our timber is an incredibly durable material. We use engineered wood which is much stronger than regular timber!

  • You can get creative too

Did you know you can choose from any RAL colour and a choice of stains for your timber doors? From pink to beige, green and classic grey, the choice is yours. 

Discover our timber bifold doors

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Aluminium Bifold, Sliding & French Doors

Whilst timber is a fantastic choice it might not be quite right for your project. Aluminium is a really great alternative and sits well with both contemporary and traditional properties. 

Let’s take a closer look at why aluminium is a great material for patio doors…

  • It’s a recyclable material 

When it comes to sustainability aluminium isn’t too far behind timber. It’s a fully recyclable material which means it won’t end up sitting in a landfill for years to come. Aluminium is often referred to as the ‘green metal’ due to its ability to be easily recycled, saving an incredible amount of resources and energy that would otherwise be required to produce aluminium from raw material.

  • It’s also thermally efficient

There’s a common misconception that aluminium isn’t a great insulator but this is no longer the case. Years ago, aluminium did lag behind timber but nowadays, thanks to new technology, it’s a fantastic insulator and will work to keep the warm air in and the cold out.

  • And it’s virtually maintenance-free!

Our aluminium boasts a durable powder-coated finish which means your doors won’t rust, peel or discolour! Of course, you’ll still need to keep them clean to enjoy their full potential but you won’t have to worry about flaking paint. 

  • Not to mention a durable option

Aluminium is a stronger material which makes it more suitable for slimmer frames. For example, our ÜberSlide slimline sliding doors which are only available in aluminium. If you’re seeking a ‘barely-there’ contemporary style of door, then aluminium might be your best option!

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Alu-clad Sliding & French Doors

And then we have alu-clad, the best of both worlds! If you’re struggling to decide, why not consider this composite material? You can enjoy the combined benefits of both materials…but is this right for you?

  • Alu-clad offers both the benefits of timber and aluminium 

Alu-clad/composite doors combine aluminium and timber to create a material that’s durable, long-lasting, eco-friendly, thermally efficient and of course, stylish. It’s a great hybrid material that enjoys the slick external appearance of aluminium whilst reaping the rewards of having an internal timber structure. The only drawback? This material is only available for certain styles of doors – our KustomSlide sliding doors and our French and single doors

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We hope you’ve found this guide to the best patio door materials helpful. If you’d like to discuss your project in more detail with one of our team, please contact us today by calling 01487 740044 or emailing us at

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Posted: February 9, 2021

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