Wondering what the best patio doors are for your self-build, renovation or home improvements? With so many different choices available, making the right decision can feel like a bit of a minefield. Firstly, there’s the style of door, then there’s the material, configurations and colour to think about! You’re not alone in your decision making, here at Kloeber out team of experts are on hand to help you make the perfect choice of patio door, and to help with getting started, we’re weighing up the different options in this handy guide.

So, will it be sliding, bifold, or French? Let’s take a closer look at these fantastic patio door options…

What are the best patio door options?

Sliding doors

Historically, sliding doors haven’t always been seen as the on-trend option, but that statement has been turned on its head in recent years. Sliding doors are hugely popular right now, and definitely a style of door to consider if you’re going for a modern, contemporary aesthetic. Our slimline sliding door offers that ‘barely there’ invisible frame whilst maintaining the efficiency and performance of a regular sliding door, ideal for more minimalist homes! For a contemporary yet classic look, our KustomSlide sliding door might be just what you’re looking for. Letting in plenty of light and really opening up your home to your outdoor space.

best patio doors sliding

Pros of sliding patio doors 

  • Allow the natural light to flood in
  • Minimal frame options available for panoramic views
  • Highly secure thanks to advanced technology
  • Clean, minimalist appearance
  • High-performance and energy-efficient

Cons of sliding patio doors

  • Those that want to fully open up their living space, may prefer a folding bifold style of door

Discover ÜberSlide – our slimmest sliding door yet! This patio door features minimal 20mm sightlines and is highly secure thanks to its electronic locking system.

slimline patio door

Discover KustomSlide Plus – our bespoke sliding door with a two-track option. This patio door allows for an expanse of up to six made-to-measure sliding doors.

On a budget? Our single-track KustomSlide Mono is a great budget-friendly alternative. Or perhaps you’re looking for a composite/alu-clad sliding door? In which case, check out our KustomSlide – available in softwood, meranti and oak with an aluminium facing.

Bifold doors

It’s no secret that Bifold doors have exploded in popularity, thanks to their wow factor and ability to help you achieve that seamless transition from inside to out. The multiple door panels fold back on themselves in a concertina style, allowing you to fully open up a wall of your home and create a harmonious flow throughout your living space. The ability to open up and join your two spaces is perfect when entertaining, creating a cosy space for you to enjoy with family and friends. Configurations are also flexible, giving you a choice of opening direction, panel numbers and also the ability to include a single opening door – very handy for the colder months!

Pros of bifold patio doors 

  • Creates a seamless transition to outdoors
  • Increase the natural light in your home
  • Require minimal inside space if you opt for outward opening
  • Thermally efficient and secure
  • Perfect for homes that like to entertain

what are the best patio doors

Cons of bifold patio doors

  • Those looking to achieve minimal sightlines may prefer a style of patio door with less frame, such as a slimline sliding door

Discover our KustomFold bifold door – our made-to-measure bifold door, bespoke to your project and requirements! This bifold door is available in timber or aluminium.

Discover our budget-friendly EuroFold bifold door, this style comes in set sizes, offering value without compromising on quality.

There’s also our K-Fold bifold door, the most affordable option in our range! Durable, low maintenance and with a wide choice of configurations.

best bifold patio doors

French doors

Ooh la la! Next up, we have the ever-wonderful French doors. A style that well and truly never dates, French doors are a classic design that look beautiful in all settings. Whether it’s a period cottage or a modern self-build, this style of patio door will add a classy touch to your property. This thatched cottage extension featuring our French doors is one of our favourite projects! Don’t they look great?

best patio door options French

Pros of French patio doors

  • High glass ratio lets the light flood in
  • Suit all styles of home
  • Option to add Georgian bars
  • Energy-efficient low U-values
  • Safe and secure

Cons of French patio doors

  • If you want to create the ultimate transition between your indoor and outdoor space, you may want to consider a bifold door or slimline sliding door.

Discover our range of bespoke French doors, available to order in timber, aluminium and composite alu-clad!

What material is best for patio doors?

Fortunately, at Kloeber we’re experts in more than just one material! Our patio doors are available in various different material options. You may need to decide between aluminium, timber, or the best of both worlds with our composite alu-clad option!


Over the years, timber has not always had the best reputation due to concerns of shrinking, warping and general wear. However, thanks to our engineered timber, you don’t need to worry about this. It’s stronger and more stable than normal timber. Our advanced microporous paint system also means doors do not require annual re-painting! Timber is also a sustainable choice, thanks to all of our wood coming from FSC certified forests. This material is versatile, low maintenance and scores highly when it comes to aesthetics! Perfect if you’re looking to integrate a little nature with your home.

bifold patio doors


Aluminium tends to be more popular with modern homes, but it’s a versatile material that works in any style of property. Our special powder-coated finish means our aluminium is also incredibly durable and boasts high thermal performance too! This material also opens up your options when it comes to what style of patio door you want to go with. You can also enjoy styles such as our slimline sliding door which is available in aluminium thanks to this material being particularly strong. Whilst timber is a sustainable option, aluminium also won’t damage the planet thanks to it being recyclable, so it won’t sit in a landfill for years to come.

aluminium sliding patio door


Of course, if you’re torn between these two different patio door materials, you could always opt for our composite alu-clad! This way, you can enjoy the thermal properties of timber and the appearance of aluminium.

What colour options are available for patio doors?

The good news is, many of our glazing options are available in any RAL colour or you can select from a choice of wood stains!  You could enjoy a pop of colour or stick with the more subtle and neutral tones. Grey and black are always popular, but some of our customers prefer to experiment with calming, earthy tones that complement the garden such as sage green.

bifold patio doors

We hope you’ve found this guide to the best patio door options helpful! If you’d like to discuss your project and patio door choices in more detail with one of our team, please contact us today by calling 01487 740044 or emailing us at info@kloeber.co.uk.

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Posted: September 10, 2020

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