A big part of any home renovation, improvement or self-build project is the decor. One of the biggest trends, and one that is very likely to stay,  is creating a seamless transition between the inside and outside areas of your home so you can enjoy both equally.

Looking for some inspiration to help you decide what finishing touches to choose so your home reflects this trend? You’re in the right place, we’ve got you covered with our expert tips!

Let’s focus on bring the inside out first…..

Flooring and patio doors

That seamless transition trend is easily achieved with bifold doors and matching flooring on the inside and outside of your connecting room, as you can see from our customer’s installation.

We love their use of garden paving in a similar colour to their indoor tiles and by choosing our aluminium KustomFold bifold doors, they have benefited from a flush threshold so there is no annoying height difference between the two floors. We also like that they have chosen aluminium as their door material and Anthracite Grey as their door colour, which match their metal railings and garden furniture so you could say they’re also managed to bring the outside in with their design choices.

Outdoor rugs

Rugs are not just for the inside of your home. Adding a few to your outdoor space can make it feel cosier and more like it is an extension of your inside space, just like our customer has done below. Our top tip here is to choose a few different outdoors rugs and layer them up!

Along with matching their internal wooden flooring with a wooden decked space and wooden cladding, their outdoor rugs add colour and even more warmth to their garden making it feel more homely. We really like how they’ve not gone over the top with matching materials though, by choosing to contrast the warm woods with aluminium bifold doors.

Soft furnishings

Why stop at outdoor rugs when you can incorporate cushions, throws and even plants in pots to make it truly feel like you’re sitting inside your home when in fact you’re sitting in your outside area. Throws are also the perfect practical addition to help keep you warm when the temperature drops.

We love this inspirational space from Amir + Aleks.

Take it one step further by hanging some artwork! Another inspirational space from Nina Williams Blog.

A top tip from us, and one that these spaces have stuck with, is neutral and natural colours. These are not going to fade as much in the sun as big bright and bold colours. If you’re not worried about fading though, big bright colours can suit outdoors areas too when used well like our customer above with their colourful outdoor rugs.

Let’s look at how we can bring the outside in…

Natural materials

One of the easiest ways to bring the outside into your home is by introducing natural materials like wood, just like our customer has below.

Wooden flooring is an obvious choice but we really like how this customer has chosen to incorporate a few wooden cabinet doors to add warmth whilst keeping their kitchen clean and minimalist with an overall white colour scheme. The wooden shelf and wood and metal bar stools are also great natural finishing touches. One choice you might not be able to see is the flush casement windows in wood too! By selecting these flush casement windows in white, the wooden material of these windows doesn’t overdo the aesthetic of their decor but the customer still benefits from all the advantages that timber windows bring.

Outdoor furniture indoors

Not only has this customer chosen natural materials with wooden KustomFold bifold doors, but they have also bought the outside in with furniture that is of the same style as traditional patio furniture.

bring the outside in with rooflights

Know as rattan furniture this style of rattan won’t suit every decor and it works here largely because of the mixing of tiles (matching the tiled patio outside), the neutral colours and the increased light source from the pitched rooflight.

Other rattan styles may work better inside your home such as this furniture from Picnic Imports.

Greenery and green colours

Probably the most obvious way to bring the outside in is by adding plants and even a touch of green paint! We love this plant room from Pinterest user @nastasiaishere and how the natural wood flooring, green painted wall and potted plants create a feeling of the outdoors. We can just imagine reading a book with the heritage french doors open!

We also love this darker green wall with contrasting plants and light wood flooring from Architectural Digest which shows you don’t have to fill your whole room with plants for it to feel like you’re bringing the outside in. Top tip from us…a dark green wall may not work in all homes but adding lots of natural light, as they have here with aluminium fixed glazing, will help to keep your room light and airy.

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Posted: May 13, 2021

Category: Home Decor