Windows are a big feature of any home and thus a big decision for any self-build, home renovation or home improvement project! Our complete guide to windows is a great place to start if you are at the beginning of planning your project. But if you’re further down the line and want to know more about what windows to pick? Keep reading, as we’re putting two of our popular window styles head-to-head – casement and Heritage windows.

What are casement windows, how do they work?

A very traditionally British style of windows, casement windows open outwards, away from your home, and are attached to the frame by one or more hinges.


What are Heritage windows, how do they work?

Mirroring the style of steel windows, Heritage windows benefit from more modern manufacturing processes and open in the same way as casement windows, outwards, away from your home, attached by one or more hinges.

Pros and cons of casement windows

We covered these over in our casement windows vs tilt and turn post but we’ll briefly go over them here again…


  • Classically designed, they suit both contemporary and traditional styled homes – amazing!
  • Our casement windows are available in three different materials; timber, aluminium and alu-clad, offering you plenty of choice and allowing you to match or contrast your windows materials with your homes
  • They offer great ventilation with their ability to open outwards, allowing plenty of fresh air into your home
  • They’re a super energy efficient and environmentally friendly design, making them good for the planet, your carbon footprint and your heating bills
  • They are easy to clean too – ideal for awkward and harder to reach areas of your home, like over the kitchen sink
  • Our casement windows are available in ANY RAL colour or a wide range of stains if you choose timber – what great versatility!


  • If you are tight for space outside of where your window is going to be located, say you have a walkway, the outward opening style could block this so it may be better to choose an inward opening window, like a tilt and turn
  • There is a maximum size that your casement windows can be so if you’re wanting to add glazing to create a ‘ceiling to floor’ look, fixed windows or maybe even sliding or bifold doors may be a better choice for you – fixed if your not worried about the glazing opening, bifold or sliding if you want the glazing to open

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Pros and cons of Heritage windows


  • Heritage windows have the added bonus of glazing bars and, with or without these, these windows work really well in contemporary homes as they create a bold statement. If you choose to add glazing bars, they suit historic refurbishments too – super-chic
  • As they open outwards, just like our casements, they also offer great ventilation and let it plenty of fresh air when open
  • They have slim sightlines which are narrower than other windows, maximising your views and the natural light
  • Available in aluminium (only), they are highly durable and thermally efficient, making them a great choice for keeping energy bills and your carbon footprint low
  • They’re recyclable and environmentally friendly too
  • They available in ANY RAL colour, as with our casement windows, so you can match or contrast the design of your home


The main con of Heritage windows is the same as casement; the outward opening is not good for tighter outdoor spaces. As mentioned above, our Heritage windows are also only available in aluminium so if you would prefer timber or alu-clad, you should consider our other window styles including casement, tilt and turn and fixed.

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So, which ones are best? Casement or Heritage?

We feel both of these styles of windows are ideal for contemporary and traditional homes, and with the same opening direction, RAL colour options, and energy efficiency benefits, there’s not a lot in it!

It mainly depends on what material you wish to have for your home, with casement offering a few more material options, or if you’d prefer the slimmer sightlines that Heritage windows can bring. Whatever you decide to pick, you’re guaranteed to have amazing windows that are the envy of all your neighbours.

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Posted: December 14, 2020

Category: Windows