Bifold and sliding doors are one of the most popular features in homes today and are a sought after addition to many renovation or self-build projects. There’s a wide range on the market but this can make it difficult to decide which style would be most suitable for you home.

Bifold doors, also known as folding sliding doors, are formed of multiple, hinged panels that slide and concertina together, stacking at one or both sides. They are perfect for smaller apertures as they can open up to 90%, you can almost open up a whole wall of your home.

There are a variety of configurations to choose from and you could add a single access door to your design so you don’t need to open up the whole aperture if you want to let the dog out!

Bifold door units can open inwards or outwards, the latter option allowing you to take full advantage of space inside without the concern of furniture getting in the way. A level threshold with similar flooring inside and outside will help create a cohesive living space with a seamless connection to the outdoors.

Most popular material choices for bifold doors are timber or aluminium. Engineered timber is strong, durable with great insulating values and can be painted or stained whilst aluminium, though less thermally efficient, offers a contemporary, hard-wearing maintenance-free finish.

If unadulterated views are your dream then perhaps sliding doors are the ideal choice for you. Sliding doors open up by sliding the panels to one or both sides, with the panes fitting behind each other on two, three or sometimes four tracks and are perfect for larger apertures.

You won’t be able to fully open up your home as there will always be a fixed frame panel therefore the maximum opening will be around 75% but the larger aperture will mean you probably wouldn’t need the whole width to open up anyway. When closed, you can take advantage of those wider panes of glass that will allow unbroken views of your garden and beyond.

Slim frames are becoming more popular with products such as Kloeber’s ÜberSlide offering 20mm sightlines and a variety of configurations of two, three or four track versions, with up to six sliding panels at a maximum width of 4.2m. Ideal for those who prefer contemporary styling, minimal sightlines and a prefect view!

Aluminium is very popular for sliding doors though alu-clad gives you the option to have a low maintenance aluminium external finish on the outside with a beautiful softwood or oak internal finish.

Bifold and sliding doors are a major investment so understanding the product before making your decision is vital. Visiting one of Kloeber’s four showrooms allows you to get a feel for the products and you will be able to learn how they operate. You can also discuss your plans with one of our experienced sales advisors who will offer you the guidance you need to make the best choice for your project.

Posted: July 19, 2018

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