Dear Valued Customer

If you are building a house or undertaking home-improvements we understand that it’s very frustrating when you have to wait longer than expected for your products. We, like all companies in our sector, are occasionally experiencing delays that are outside our control and the control of the companies we partner with. The COVID pandemic has affected and continues to affect the supply of materials for building and manufacturing. We’re sure you’re aware this is not just in glazing but throughout the construction industry.

Kloeber have responded by firstly protecting our workers and your safety. Then safeguarding our business as we come under strain from an extremely high demand, and a rise in the cost and lead time of materials. Luckily, Kloeber has a very loyal and flexible team, supply chain and strong financial management which means issues for us have been kept to a minimum and we intend to keep it that way.

Besides the pandemic, there are other factors which are affecting self-builders, home-improvers and suppliers like Kloeber. Other disruptions that have slowed down the supply chain of materials. These include; delivery driver and fuel shortages, shipping container shortages, unforeseen manufacturing issues such as fires and floods and a global shortage of many materials used for manufacturing doors and windows including plastics and glass, which is down to an unprecedented demand for these products around the world.

All of the above factors have led to shutdowns, price increases and production delays across the construction sector which have been unavoidable for all glazing companies. The glass and glazing sector has bounced back relatively quickly under difficult circumstances, and our customers wisely continue to invest with building projects and home improvements as UK property prices continue to increase.

We take our duty to you, our clients, seriously. We always seek to protect you from any supply issues that are brought to us by our suppliers so that you and your projects are not hindered by those issues. Whilst we will continue to do that, some of the issues that we face are out of our control and we regret that in some circumstances we may not be able to prevent these issues from affecting you and your projects. The positive message is that we feel that we are through the worst now and with the heightened supply chain awareness and knowledge that COVID-19 has brought to our customers, we are in a better position to manage any future challenges that may emerge.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during what continues to be a challenging time for all.

Thank you

Matt & Lee

Kloeber Directors

Posted: November 29, 2021

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