Being stuck in lockdown, it is likely you’re going to be noticing all the little things about your home that you’re no longer in love with, you may even be thinking to yourself that you don’t have enough space for you and your family anymore. 

With all this extra time on your hands too, it is not surprising that you might be finding yourself browsing that extremely popular property selling website – you know the one! But, before you make the tough decision to move, have you thought about what you could do to improve instead? 

Extending your home 

An obvious way to increase the space in your home is to physically add more of it. Whether that’s by adding an extra room with a loft conversion or increasing the size of your kitchen diner to create a whole new heart to your home – like this one which includes our beautiful KustomFold oak bifold doors. 

how to make the most of your home

However, extending your home can be expensive and extremely stressful, you may not even be able to get the planning permission you need, and a home extension may not always add the best value to your home either. 

Which brings us nicely onto…

Redesigning your space

One of the major home improvement trends in recent years, and the focus of a lot of popular home improvement TV programmes, including Phil and Kirsty’s List It or Love It, is to redesign your internal space. 

This can of course involve knocking down walls and creating new quirky features like this fixed glazing…

how to improve your home

As well as introducing clever ways to maximise existing spaces such as this use of our ÜberSlide doors, connecting the corridor with the outside patio area and creating a whole new way to experience the homeowners morning cup of tea. 

how to make the most out of your home

Or how about introducing beautiful wooden internal bifold doors? Designed to allow for a more flexible division of your living space! These are an ideal option for creating a beautiful transition from the main house to conservatory, or creating a separate playroom for the kids…

But even making smaller changes like integrating better storage solutions can also help to make your home feel like it has more space and not only can redesigning the space in your home be more achievable and of a lower cost, it can also add more value to your home, with some estate agents suggesting open plan living being the best way to increase a home’s value. 

Connecting with the outdoors

Another great way to increase the feeling of space in your home is by connecting your indoor space with your outdoor space, as seen in the above example. 

Depending on the style of your home and the look you are going for, there are many different options to choose from including French, bifold and sliding doors. Just check out these beautiful aluminium French doors on this cottage, the perfect mix between the contemporary and the traditional! 

how to make the most of your home

Make the most of lockdown

Whether you decide to move or improve, make the most of the current situation and get your planning and preparation done. 

From understanding the space you have to work with, to contacting the right people including architects and windows and doors experts, this is the perfect time to get everything in place ready for when the lockdown is lifted. 

If you’re looking for some more top tips on how to manoeuvre your home renovation during the lockdown, check out another one of our latest blog posts here.

Don’t forget, our team of experts are also still on hand to help you decide on what windows and doors you should pick for your home renovation so why not contact them today!

Posted: April 29, 2020

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