Get kitchen inspo from these five glazing transformations!

The kitchen is undeniably the heart of a home, where the hustle and bustle of everyday life begins. Beyond its functional role of culinary creations, the kitchen serves as a communal hub, have you ever heard the phrase “we’re always in the kitchen at parties”?

Transforming your kitchen into a stunning haven and true heart of the home to wow your guests, and even yourself, is simple with Kloeber. Just take a look at five kitchens that have been transformed using our glazing products and get some inspiration for your renovation or self-build. 

Fixed Timber Glazing 

Our fixed timber glazing can bring light to the darkest corners of your home. Wooden fixed frame glazing is an ideal way to add light to your kitchen in small or large areas as they can be manufactured in different shapes to fit into any space. 

This customer used our fixed timber glazing to brighten up their open-plan kitchen. As you can see, the room is already pretty bright and airy with fantastic-looking bifold doors and casement windows. We think it looks like a modern masterpiece!

Now, this customer loves colour, and so do we! This is why we offer a choice of any RAL colour, and there are hundreds to choose from! This space has been customised with a slim-line KustomFold bifold door and fixed window in RAL 3017 Rose, to meet the aesthetic of the house and produce a homely, warm kitchen which we just love.

Aluminium Fixed Glazing

Aluminium, known for its strength, durability and low maintenance provides a sleek appearance making it a popular choice for contemporary designs. Modern-day kitchens feature aluminium components and Kloeber provides a range of aluminium fixed glazing for any shape, size and colour required. 

This customer chose aluminium fixed glazing to compliment the aesthetics of their kitchen. The navy hue of the kitchen cabinets can be reflected on the frames of the window which brings in a perfect amount of natural light, really opening up this space into a lovely social area.

Our aluminium fixed glazing can be manufactured in different shapes to fit into unusual spaces, which is exactly what this customer did for their kitchen. The glazed doors and windows have been fitted to suit the bespoke-shaped gable which brings a perfect blend of modern and traditional.

Alu-clad/Composite Fixed Glazing

The best of both worlds, Alu-clad composite fixed glazing combines aluminium on the outside and timber on the inside. So you still get that contemporary look but with the insulation benefits that timber provides. As with the timber and aluminium glazing, alu-clad can be matched with other doors and windows to give a consistent look throughout your kitchen.

This customer optimised the indoor and outdoor living option by opening up the kitchen/diner to connect with the outdoor patio. The bespoke-shaped windows were made to match the shape of the room and now it looks like a perfect family gathering spot!

When planning a kitchen renovation or scoping a whole new kitchen for your self-build property, remember to include the features that appeal to your specific needs. 

Why not try our handy interactive house tool to find out more about our product range and price options? We are always on hand to offer our expertise! 

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Posted: March 6, 2024

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