We’ve spoken about bifold and sliding doors and now it’s time to take a look at our bespoke French doors. Just like the sliding and bifold, our French doors have many options and extras for you to take a look at. In this blog, we will talk about everything that will affect the price of your bespoke French doors; from material to colour, configuration and even glass type!

So, without further ado, let’s delve deeper into what can impact the costs of your new French doors for your self-build or home renovation… 

French Door Material Options –

Here at Kloeber we’re experts in not one, not two, but THREE material options! Why does this benefit you? We aren’t biased when it comes to recommending the best material for your glazing and project, we’ll listen to your needs and help to guide you if you’re not quite sure which to go for! It also gives you more choice…

Aluminium – a very popular choice to opt for is aluminium a lot of people choose this for its modern design, but it has fantastic thermal properties too! It keeps the warm air in and the cool air out and offers a super low maintenance, contemporary look to any home style. 

Alu-Clad – struggling to choose? Fear not as this material really does enable you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Available in softwood, meranti and oak with a low-maintenance aluminium exterior. You can enjoy the warmth that wood brings on the inside of your home and the sleek modern design to the exterior.

Timbertimber French doors are your most sustainable option. Giving a softer appearance, integrating nature within your home by creating a visual connection between your home and garden. They are also a low-maintenance option thanks to our multi-coat microporous paint system.

wooden french doors

French Door glazing options – 

Think glass is just…glass? Think again. We have a number of different options here at Kloeber – let’s take a quick look at each:

Double glazed laminated glass with an argon gas-filled cavity and a Low-E coating – our factory-fitted standard glass. With perfect insulation to keep that heat in this super strong shatterproof glass it’s also great for high security.

Low-E coating – this stands for ‘low thermal emissivity’ and this particular type of glass is able to reflect radiant infrared energy. What does this mean? Efficient French doors that keep radiant heat from indoors in, while infrared heat from the sun during summer is reflected away keeping it cooler inside! Clever huh?

Triple glazed toughened glass with an argon gas-filled cavity and a Low-E coating – If you live by or on a busy road then this glass type is perfect. With its three panes of glass this option gives you not just fantastic thermal insulation but better acoustic insulation too –  blocking out the noise of passing traffic just nicely.

Solar Control glass – this glass can help reduce the G-Value which is a unit of measurement for UV rays that are able to penetrate through the glass from outside whilst keeping all that precious heat in. This is the perfect option for those of you whose bifold doors are south facing and getting the sunlight all day and into the evening and it’s available for all of our products too.

Low-Iron glass – Got a north-facing home? Then you might be interested to hear about this option. This glass increases the solar gain of your property by letting the sun’s energy and heat into your home, saving you money on those heating bills in the winter (yippee!) and increasing the overall energy rating of your doors and windows too.

Double glazed toughened glass with 6mm thick panes – This extra thick glass is great to be used in French doors. With less flex than other glass and more durability it’s a great solid option for your new French door. This 6mm option also provides extra acoustic properties over the standard 4mm pane – just to give you that extra bit of peace and quiet.

French Door colours –

One of the hardest parts about creating your bespoke French doors of dreams – selecting a colour! Here at Kloeber, you have the freedom to choose from any RAL colour, so you can easily match with your home design, and don’t forget we have our popular dual colour option too. Want a more natural finish? Then perhaps one of our wood stains would be of interest.

French Door Flush threshold – 

Want to seamlessly integrate your home and garden? Then you could consider adding a flush threshold, this will add aesthetic appeal, and also help to avoid any trips and falls which is especially handy if you have young children running around the house! A flush threshold is ideal for that minimalist, slick look…

French Door Configuration – 

The configuration of your French door is important, and whether your door should open inwards or outwards can depend on a number of factors – for example, are there spacial considerations on one side of the door, or do you need to ensure you have sufficient room to fit a particular piece of furniture in a room? 

French Door Installation – 

Here we have two different options for you! You can either choose our fully warrantied installation service, carried out by highly-trained installation teams, or the other option where our glazing can be installed by your preferred contractor instead. We provide full, detailed fitting and adjustment instructions with all of our products and provided they’re fitted correctly the full Kloeber warranty will apply. However, we do always recommend that our aluminium products are fitted by someone with relevant experience in doing this as they’re not as simple to fit as our other ranges. If you have any further questions regarding installation processes then feel free to get in touch with the team info@kloeber.co.uk.

French Door Starting Prices – 

For an accurate and up-to-date quote it’s best to get in touch with our sales team however, we know it’s handy to have a ballpark figure when you’re in the planning stages! Hopefully, the below information will give you what you need to get thinking about your bespoke glazing…

Our lowest French door starting price is £2,125 (excluding VAT) for our timber French doors and our highest starting price is £2,795 (excluding VAT) for our alu-clad. Our aluminium French doors have a starting price of £2200+VAT. If you want to look at comparing our bespoke French doors with our other bespoke patio doors – our sliding and bifold doors – you’ll find that our sliding doors start at £3,295 (excluding VAT) for our KustomSlide Mono and £3,630 (excluding VAT) for our KustomSlide Plus . And if you compare with our bifolds you’re looking at £2,795 (excluding VAT) for our 3-panel EuroFold timber bifolds and our aluminium bifolds start at £2,400 (excluding VAT) for a two-panel K-Fold. Plenty to think about!

*Pricing correct at time of publishing – please contact us for up-to-date pricing as this may differ from the above figures.

Love the look of our French doors but not sure if they will stretch your budget? Fear not! Our flexible finance option allows you to spread payments, taking a weight off of your shoulders and enabling you to manage your budget effectively. Find out more about finance options here


Posted: May 16, 2023

Category: French Doors