Are you considering sliding doors for your self-build or renovation? Or perhaps you’re making a few home improvements! Either way, sliding doors are the perfect way to increase the natural light in your home and open up your living space. 

Thanks to the large glass panels, you can maximise your views and integrate your outdoor space with your interior. Let’s take a closer look at sliding doors…

Why sliding doors?

If you’re after minimal sightlines, sliding doors are ideal thanks to their high glass ratio. They allow for the natural light to flood in, and offer unparalleled views of your outdoor space! Perfect for minimalist living, they will also add a chic touch to any home.

What properties do sliding doors suit?

Sliding doors are a versatile option suiting both contemporary properties and more traditional homes. Just check out these different properties, all featuring Kloeber sliding doors…

This incredible self-build benefits from plenty of natural light and the sliding doors look amazing against the wooden cladding for a contemporary yet warm look.

sliding door self build

Our sliding doors light up this modern kitchen, allowing for a bright and breezy living space and great views of the garden – what a beautiful spot to enjoy whilst cooking your evening meal!

sliding doors kitchen

Our slimline sliding doors add a contemporary twist to this period property, with the aluminium material contrasting superbly with the wood detailing, flowing seamlessly with the outdoor space and creating a warm and natural environment.

sliding door period property

What material are sliding doors available in?

Our sliding doors are available in two different materials – aluminium and our composite alu-clad. Here at Kloeber, we aren’t just experts in one material and we can therefore help you choose the right one for your project. For example, for a contemporary, industrial-inspired feel, our aluminium sliding doors are just perfect! 

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Bifold or sliding doors?

This is one of our most commonly asked questions. Two of our most popular glazing solutions, and a tricky decision for homeowners and self-builders. Bifold doors are great if you want the ability to open up your doors with up to 90% aperture, however, there is a higher frame to glass ratio. Sliding doors, on the other hand, offer less of an opening but boast a higher glass ratio so when closed, sliding doors offer a more uninterpreted view – so it really depends on what your objectives are!

Why not check out our blog post – Sliding vs Bifold Doors for a closer look. 

Is there a slimline sliding door option?

Yes! Our ÜberSlide sliding door is our slimmest yet. Providing 20mm sightlines, this is a very popular door for those wanting to achieve a minimalist ‘barely there’ look. And…you can still enjoy high-security and excellent U-values too. 

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What configurations are sliding doors available in? 

Our bespoke sliding doors are available in a variety of configurations with 2,3 or 4 tracks and up to 6 sliding panels. 

Are sliding doors warm in the winter?

Our sliding doors are efficient insulators thanks to their low U-values. They’ll work to retain heat in the summer, keeping you nice and cosy – and you might enjoy a reduction in your heating bill too! The same can also be said for our Bifold and French doors.

What colour are sliding doors available in?

Our composite alu-clad sliding doors are factory finished powder coated in any RAL colour of your choice, so you can go crazy and choose any colour of the rainbow, or go for a classic and contemporary anthracite grey or black. There’s even the option to upgrade to metallic! As well as this, you can also opt for a dual colour option, allowing you to have the inside and outside of the frames in different colours, to flow with your interior design. 

guide to sliding doors

How much do sliding doors cost?

Our popular made-to-measure ÜberSlide and KustomSlide Plus sliding doors are great options for almost all projects, but if you’re on a tighter budget, we do have our more budget-friendly KustomSlide Mono sliding doors.

This sliding door is also available in aluminium but it has a single-track as opposed to the two-track option available with our other designs. However, you will still benefit from the same ironmongery options and extensive glass panels!

So there we have it, our guide to sliding doors! We hope we’ve covered any of your questions and queries but if you would like to talk to one of our experts in more detail about our range of sliding doors, contact us on 01487 740044 or email us at

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Posted: August 6, 2020

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