If you’re currently renovating or working on a self-build project, it’s inevitable that you’ll be faced with many decisions regarding your home. From flooring to glazing, furniture, and layout. The list can sometimes feel endless but there is one consideration to make that’s becoming ever more important and that’s sustainability.

We’re all aware that we need to do our bit for the environment, making more sustainable choices that can reduce our carbon footprint is becoming an essential part of daily life but it’s not just about recycling your cardboard. Whilst this is still great, in order to reduce our impact, we need to look at more innovative choices and dig a little deeper.

Our home is just one of the ways we can look to improve upon and take a more sustainable approach. As the push for more sustainable and eco-living becomes more mainstream, so does the affordability which is of course great news! If you’re not sure where to start or you’re looking for inspiration, keep reading for our top tips for creating an eco-friendly home…

Opt for sustainable building materials

When it comes to building materials, you’ll potentially need to make decisions regarding your flooring, roofing, walls and your glazing. Fortunately, sustainable materials are much more readily available these days! Sustainably certified (look for the FSC trademark) timber is a fantastic option that will not only look fantastic but keep your home insulated too. Aluminium is also a green material thanks to it’s recyclable properties! At Kloeber all of our timber products are FSC-certified, and our aluminium is recyclable too, meaning it won’t sit in a landfill for years to come. 

how to create an eco friendly home

Save your water

Consider installing a water harvesting system in your home and get smart with your H2O. While water in the UK might be in plentiful supply, it is an important resource and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. A rainwater harvesting tank is a fantastic, low-cost solution that collects and stores rainwater for use in your garden or in the house (if well maintained). Did you know that almost a third of your water usage comes from your toilet? A low-flow plumbing fixture can help you to reduce your water usage and again, is an affordable quick solution for reducing your water consumption. 

Ensure your property is well-insulated

Insulation is a key part of creating an eco-friendly home! Working to minimise warm/cool air loss will help you to reduce your reliance on central heating during the colder months. Here, you need to consider both your insulation and your glazing. When it comes to insulating your house, try to seek out recycled insulation materials that are earth-friendly such as sheep’s wool, cellulose, or hemp. These are all great at making sure your home is airtight and kinder to the planet. 

Choose energy-efficient glazing

Now onto your glazing, which we know a thing or two about. With Kloeber glazing, you can enjoy low U-values and fantastic insulation. Your new windows and doors will retain heat, reducing your carbon footprint and your energy bill! Unsure as to what we mean by U-value? This is the measurement of heat transfer through the frames and glass of our windows and doors – the lower the U-Value the better the door or window is at keeping the heat in. Many of our doors and windows boast a U-value as low as 0.7 W/m2K and are therefore a more energy-efficient solution compared to the UPVC alternative. Discover our range of thermally efficient windows.

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Consider solar panels

They might not be the most attractive feature but solar panels are still an eco-friendly option for the home. Using the sun to generate renewable electricity, can help to significantly lower your electricity bills. If your home is suitable for solar panels (it depends on your roof positioning and sun exposure) then it might be a worthwhile investment for you. The upfront cost can be fairly hefty but you should see a return on your investment within several years. 

Light up your home the eco-way

Another way to reduce your reliance on electricity is to light up your home the natural way. Consider how you can introduce more light into your home through your glazing choices. Rooflights are a fantastic option and can suit both flat and pitched roofs. We offer one of the most thermally efficient pitched rooflight systems available on the market with fully thermally-broken extruded aluminium profiles, reducing the transfer of heat from the outside to the inside! Sit back and watch the clouds float on by. 

Or, why not consider bifold or sliding doors? Both will enable you to open up your home and enjoy a brighter living space. Awkward space? Not suitable for an opening door or window? Fixed glazing can be the perfect solution, just check out this wonderful use of fixed glazing below, bringing light into the kitchen and perfectly framing those wonderful views. 

Photo credit: Lauraccrombie

Bring nature inside

Whilst it’s important to lay the foundations to an eco-home with the larger-scale aspects such as building materials and insulation, don’t forget to follow this through with your interior design too. Avoid plastics, and instead look to natural materials such as bamboo that will add both warmth and style to your home, the eco way. When buying wooden furniture, don’t forget to check for the FSC trademark here too, it all counts! Plants are also great natural air purifiers and can be a real boost for mental health so why not add a touch of green with a new monstera or ivy. 

Create your own compost

Food waste is a huge issue, did you know that over 7 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK every year? Adding to the CO2 in landfills, this is an issue that is actually avoidable if you follow a couple of basic steps. Get into the habit of freezing leftovers, or, if you have food past its prime then get composting! Purchase a compost bin to empty your food scraps into, in turn, this will create a natural fertiliser for your garden.

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Posted: August 11, 2021

Category: Home Decor