Whilst working from home isn’t a new phenomenon, it has become a necessity for many businesses who, due to the pandemic, have had to completely switch-up their day-to-day operations. Employers may have discovered the benefits of home working, from the possibility to reduce expensive office space, to increased productivity and the positive impact on employees – a commute-free life allows for an improved work/life balance, and a happier workforce!

Thanks to technology, working from home is easier than ever, with plenty of software and tools to enable teams to effectively communicate during their working hours, from Slack to Basecamp! It’s not just about the ease of communication and owning a laptop, though, in order to maximise your potential and boost your productivity, an inspiring work environment is key. 

Here are our top tips for creating the perfect work-from-home space:

A defined working area

Working from the comfort of your sofa in your pyjamas is tempting, but not necessarily the best option if you really want to smash through that to-do list. Working in your lounge space can be a real distraction, so, if possible, dedicate an area of your home to become your ‘office’. Ideally, this would be a separate room to keep distractions to a minimum but, if this is not possible then, you could look at partitioning a room with internal bifold doors. This is a great way to create another room to work from, and it eradicates the need for any costly building work. 

If, however, working from home is looking like a long-term solution for you, you might be considering extending your home to accommodate your new office! This is the perfect time to think about how you can improve the layout of your home and introduce glazing solutions such as fixed glazing and sliding or bifold doors to enhance your space.

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internal bifold door home office

A well-lit space

Lighting is often pretty low down on the list when it comes to setting up a home office. Of course, the furniture side of things is important, but a well-lit space is key for your health and mood. Did you know natural lighting is beneficial for your wellbeing? It will boost your productivity, reduce the risk of illness (hello vitamin D) and eliminate the need for uncomfortable office-style fluorescent lights.

In order to let the natural flood in, you may need to consider how your current glazing could be improved. Fixed glazing, bifold and sliding doors are all great options when it comes to not only allowing more light in, but opening up your space too. If a garden office build is something you’re thinking about, then consider how you can implement glazing to allow for an inspiring and well-lit space. Instead of a regular entrance door, why not consider bifold doors or French doors to encourage the natural light and let the breeze flow on warm summer days.

A calming colour scheme

If you want to take your home office to the next level, then a fresh lick of paint might be that finishing touch that you’re after. Bold and dark colours can cause a bit of a headache, so why not consider calming shades such as a light stone, sage or off-white. These colours will create a bright and breezy environment to work from, enhancing your creativity and general mood.

work from home office tips

The perfect furniture 

Once you’ve nailed the logistics of your space, increased the natural light and considered a calming colour scheme, it’s time to fill your space with appropriate furniture. Don’t underestimate the importance of a comfortable, ergonomic office chair! When you’re working from home, your dining room chairs simply won’t cut it. Your back needs the correct support (otherwise you’ll be paying for it later down the line!) so this is a worthy investment. Opt for a design that enables you to adjust the height, provides lumbar support and potentially an armrest too. 

A few changes can go a long way when it comes to creating a comfortable and productive WFH office-space! Whether you’re a full-time remote worker, or split your time between the office and home, it’s important that your work environment ticks all of the boxes for a happier, healthier work life.

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Posted: July 8, 2020

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