If you own a period property, you’ll only be too familiar with the challenges this may sometimes present. It’s easy to see why period properties remain in such high demand these days, from statement features to build quality and generally larger rooms, they certainly are characterful and make for a wonderful family home. Of course, nothing good in life comes without a few setbacks, and you may find some small challenges along the journey of period homeownership. From restoration works to planning permission, you might come across a few hurdles, but they’re definitely worth jumping over for a beautiful forever home. 

One question we’re frequently asked is “will aluminium windows work in my period home?” and the simple answer is, yes! But let’s break it down a bit more… 

Is aluminium a suitable material for period properties? 

Yes, absolutely! In recent years, aluminium has become widely accepted for all types of properties thanks to new technologies. Years ago, there was a thought of ‘timber can only replace timber’ but thankfully this is very much in the past. There was also previously a worry that aluminium windows aren’t as thermally efficient as timber, fortunately, this is also no longer the case and you can enjoy low U-values and the same high performance as our timber windows. In terms of aesthetics, aluminium works well with both modern and traditional homes and thanks to a wide variety of colour options it’s easier than ever to choose windows that fit in with your home style. Just look at the examples below if you still need convincing… 

Our aluminium casement windows look fantastic against the traditional wooden beam and surround, the black is a lovely contrast against the natural wood. We approve!

Our aluminium windows certainly don’t look out of place here in this picturesque cottage! The Georgian bars and off-white colour choice add a classic touch.

What are the window design options?

Here at Kloeber, we offer three types of window style; casement, tilt and turn and of course fixed glazing, with various different designs available such as our Heritage and our Uber!

Casement windowCasement windows are a real classic style of window and one commonly seen across Britain. Attached to its frame by one or more hinges, this window opens outwards, away from your home. Traditional in design, this style of window suits both contemporary and period homes! Check out our Kustom casement window below. 

Tilt and Turn window You may not be as familiar with Tilt and turn windows as they are generally more of a European style and not as frequently found in your typical British home. That being said, they are becoming much more popular with self-builds and renovators due to their innovative hinge mechanism which allows you to tilt the glass panel inwards for ventilation, and open it fully into the room on its side hinges. Whilst it might be a more modern style, this doesn’t mean it can’t also work in more traditional properties! 

Fixed Glazing –  If you want to add light to your home but don’t have the space for opening windows then fixed windows are a great option, and they’re great for those awkward spaces too. They work in old and new homes – check out the fixed glazing in this stunning thatched cottage extension.

HeritageOur Heritage windows are a fantastic option for period properties, designed to replicate the look and feel of classic steel windows but with all of the benefits of modern manufacturing! With the option of Georgian style glazing bars, these windows are perfect for a historic refurbishment project. 

aluminium windows for period properties

ÜberOur Über window provides the same unrivalled performance as our casement window but boasts a completely flush sash and total uniformity across fixed and opening sections. With a super slim frame, they’ll add a modern edge to a traditional property. They certainly suit a big bay window, just check out this beautiful period home featuring our Über windows. 

In a nutshell, all of our aluminium window styles are suitable for traditional properties but one of the other considerations you may have for your period home is COLOUR!

What colour windows are suitable for period homes?

Since you ask, you may not be aware that all of our aluminium (and timber) windows are available in any RAL colour and we also have a dual colour option. This is great if you want to match your window with the interior of your home, especially if you own a period property! You can match up your window with your wall colour, whether it’s sage green or a countryside cream. It also gives you the opportunity to select glazing that complements your home’s existing exterior colour and design scheme. Our powder-coated aluminium is super durable and will stand the test of time, making this a great choice for your period property. 

Is it worth replacing the existing windows in my period property? 

If you want to ensure your glazing is thermally efficient, then the simple answer is yes. If your windows are particularly old, you may find the frame has started to deteriorate, the glazing could be blown and there may even be gaps letting in draughts. This won’t keep your heating bills down, and not only that, but it’s also a security risk too. With Kloeber windows, you can be safe in the knowledge your windows boast both high thermal performance and security. 

Do I need permission for new windows in my period property? 

In some cases, yes, you may need to obtain permission from your local council to change your glazing but this is generally only if your house is listed or is in an area of historical interest. 

We hope you now feel inspired to introduce aluminium windows into your own period property!. Why not check out our other blogs for more home improvements inspiration including:

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Posted: December 9, 2021

Category: Windows