With the summer well and truly here, you might be considering how you can make a few home improvements and enhance both your indoor and outdoor space. It looks like we’ll be spending a considerable amount of time enjoying our own homes this summer, so we’ve put together our top tips for seamlessly connecting your inside and outside to create one amazing living space.

From glazing to garden design, here’s how to help link your home and garden!

Make the connection with bifold doors

If you really want to make the most of your home and garden, then you might want to consider your glazing choices and any improvements that can be made. This can have a huge impact on the overall feel and design of your home, and is key for achieving that seamless transition. Bifold doors are a great option for this, thanks to their fully opening design. Not only will they blur the lines between inside and out, they will flood your home with natural light and create a bright and breezy living space to enjoy all year round.

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bring the outside in with bifold doors

Think about your flooring

If you want to extend your room beyond the doors, try to attain a level threshold with a similar flooring inside and out as this will help create a cohesive living space with a seamless connection to your garden creating extra space for dining and entertaining!

Use plants for privacy

Want to make your garden a space that’s used regularly? Create an intimate setting to relax and unwind with your friends and family. Potted plants, hedges, bushes and trees are a great way to create sections within your outdoor space. How about a cosy corner on your patio, complete with a rustic dining table and chairs for dinner al fresco?

Let in light from above

Welcome in the light and enjoy views of the outside from above! Relax and watch the clouds float on by with a pitched or flat rooflight. Not only will a rooflight flood your home with natural light and allow you to connect with nature, our pitched rooflights will add height to your room creating the feeling of a larger space. This is also a great option for those where bifold doors are not an option, if space is limited or you have worries regarding privacy – why not consider rooflights instead?

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bring the outside in with rooflights

Follow through with your interior design

If you want to create a liveable and functional outdoor space, then consider how this area can work in harmony with your existing interior design. Don’t abandon your garden in the design process! Treat it as another room in the house, and echo your aesthetic from inside to out. An earthy colour palette will work well, and consider playing with different natural materials and textures too.

If boho décor is your thing, mimic this outside with items such as exterior rugs, cushions, throws, perhaps even a hammock for those lazy afternoons. Also consider bringing the outside in with plenty of greenery – plants aren’t just for the garden! House plants will add a breath of fresh air (quite literally, they have great air purifying properties) to your home and are also natural stress relievers according to research.

Create warmth with lighting

It might seem obvious, but ensuring there is plenty of lighting in your garden will make the space much more useable, especially on those beautifully balmy summer evenings. Opt for warm lighting for a cosy and ambient feel. Light up any walkways with solar-powered torches, and drape twinkling lights around your seating area.

Consider a beautiful garden feature

Following on from our earlier suggestion of echoing your interior design, why not finish off your garden with an eye-catching focal point such as a sculpture or relaxing Japanese inspired water feature? Not only are these a lovely addition to the home, you can give extra purpose to the space and enjoy a zen area to kick back and unwind in. Glass of wine in hand optional.

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Posted: June 3, 2020

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