Are you currently planning some exciting home renovations? Or perhaps you’re taking on a self-build project! Either way, glazing will most definitely form an important part of your plans. Glazing truly makes a home, from both an aesthetic and functional point of view. Your windows and doors can transform the exterior of your property, but as we all know, looks aren’t everything. You will also want to invest in glazing that performs, especially in today’s climate. Energy efficient, quality doors and windows to keep those heating bills under control and maintain a cosy home are key.

Enter, us! 

Here at Kloeber we offer three different materials for your doors and windows. These are timber, aluminium and alu-clad. Whilst all three materials have amazing benefits, today, we’re going to focus on discussing all things TIMBER! Side note – but if you do want to find out more about our other materials then we suggest you click this link.

It’s true that there are quite a few myths surrounding timber, many of these born from timber glazing of the past which was prone to rotting and generally poor performance over the years. However, fear not because, fortunately, times have changed. Thanks to new technologies, we are able to offer a super-strong engineered wood with a tough microporous paint system that will stand the test of time. But to keep those worries at bay, here are a few common questions answered for you…

Will timber glazing warp?

This is a concern that crops up fairly often when customers are considering timber glazing. They love the look and warmth this material offers but worry that it won’t provide the longevity they require. The good news is that this is not a worry with Kloeber’s timber glazing. As briefly mentioned above, we use engineered timber which is stronger and more stable than regular ‘off-the-shelf’ timber! We offer pine, meranti and oak, each of which achieves a minimum density and specific moisture content to guarantee both strength and longevity. So the simple answer to this question is no, it will not warp.

Is timber glazing secure?

Yes! Our timber doors and windows enjoy the same high level of security as our alu-clad and aluminium ranges. We understand that the security of your glazing is pretty much at the top of your priority list, which is why it is also right at the top of our manufacturing checklist! All of our glazing products are fitted with safety glass as standard, as well as this, our doors and windows feature a highly secure multi-point locking system. When it comes to choosing timber as your material, you needn’t worry about this being any less secure than its metal counterparts.

Is timber glazing expensive?

There is no black-and-white answer to this one. As the saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for!’. Of course, there are going to be cheaper products on the market, but whether these will stand the test of time and deliver the same in terms of security and performance is, well, unlikely. If you want to invest in a glazing product that lasts, is energy-efficient, and is of superior quality then it is worth spending out a little extra now rather than having to fix problems further down the road. And you might just be surprised at the various ranges and prices we here at Kloeber can offer you.

We know that everyone’s budget differs, which is why we aim to provide quality glazing at price points that aren’t out of reach for smaller projects too. For example, our EuroFold timber bifold doors and front doors offer a cost-effective alternative to our more bespoke ranges. Whilst there are fewer customisable options with the ‘Euro’ range, you will still benefit from our premium glazing but at a purse-friendly price.

Pictured below: our EuroFold bifold doors.

Is timber glazing just for period properties?

Not at all! In fact, an increasing number of the timber installations we undertake are on new houses and self-build homes that are of a modern style. Traditionally, timber has been used on more period properties but this is definitely no longer the case. Want timber glazing with a contemporary feel? Then opt for a RAL colour such as anthracite grey to achieve this! For Heritage properties, our range of wood stains may be preferred.

Can you believe the below KustomFold bifold doors are timber?!

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Posted: October 26, 2023

Category: Materials