We are delighted once again to receive our Certification for being a Carbon Balanced organisation in 2018! We manage our carbon footprint by investing in the forest conservation work of indigenous communities to balance climate impact, protect ecosystems and support communities impacted most by climate change.

We are supporting the Hadza Hunter Gatherers project in the Yaeda Valley in Tanzania, find out more here.

This means our business is having a positive impact by helping to protect the forests which are home to the Hadza, a tribe who are deeply connected to their land. These ancient forests provide their food and shelter, without them, the Hadza’s culture and lifestyle would be lost forever.

This is what we are helping to do:

  • Secure land title for the Hadza over their ancestral homeland
  • Create forest community land, use plans to designate protected zones and farming zones
  • Provide salaries to community guards (Walizi Wajadi) who protect the forest from deforestation and wildlife eradication
  • Train the Hadza to scientifically measure the carbon stock of the forest
  • Investing US$25,000 per year to the Hadza forest communities in order to support a Hadza health fund, school fees, emergency food provisions and ongoing village development
  • Prevent deforestation in forests that store over 30,000 tonnes of carbon each year

Posted: April 12, 2019

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