Maybe you’ve made your choice already as to what style of patio doors you like the most – sliding doors – and you are thinking of purchasing them for your self-build, home renovation or improvement project but you’d like to know more about the colour options first, or maybe you’re still to pick which patio doors are the best option for you and so you’re browsing for inspiration before you decide – either way, you’re in luck because we’re here to help.

Colour is just one of the many choices you will need to make when deciding what patio doors to pick, material being another. Our sliding doors are available in aluminium and alu-clad/composite so if you’d prefer a timber look on the outside of your home, you may wish to view our French door colour options blog or bifold door colour options blog instead.

Still want to know more about sliding doors and their colour options? Let’s crack on as this is going to be one of your main design considerations and it’s a pretty important one to get right.

What sliding door colour options are available?

As we’ve mentioned above there are two material options with our sliding doors – aluminium and alu-clad/composite and there are a few different design options with our aluminium sliding doors so we’ll start with our alu-clad/composite first.

Alu-Clad Sliding Doors

Our alu-clad/composite sliding doors are available in our ever-popular KustomSlide style. Why is this style popular? They:

  • Offer an expanse of up to six made to measure sliding doors
  • Have an effortless lift & slide mechanism
  • Have panel sizes larger than ever before – giving maximum light and unbroken views
  • Have a variety of configurations making them versatile and suited to many different projects

The alu-clad/composite material also gives you the best of both worlds with an aluminium outer and timber inner. Not only do you have a frame made of two materials, you also have a dual colour option – yay!

You can either stick to a wood stain on the inside, like this customer…

Or pick two different RAL colours like this customer who picked white on the inside…

And grey on the outside…

There are many different RAL colours to choose from but we do have a few standard options too which we think look great when matched to or contrasted with both traditional and contemporary homes.

What are the standard colours?

The standard colour options include; RAL 9010 Pure White, RAL 9005 Jet Black, RAL 7040 Window Grey, RAL 7035 Light Grey, RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey, RAL 7012 Basalt Grey, RAL 6003 Olive Green and RAL 3001 Brown Red.

We have a handy tool over on our alu-clad/composite KustomSlide sliding doors page that allows you to try these out. Here are just two examples…

RAL 6003 Olive Green – which we must say, we are very partial to this bright and beautiful green!

And RAL 3011 Brown Red…

Before we look at all the other RAL colours you can choose from, let’s first take a look at our aluminium sliding doors.

Our aluminium sliding doors

We have three different styles available when it comes to our aluminium sliding doors; KustomSlide Plus, KustomSlide Mono and ÜberSlide. We’ll start with our ÜberSlide first…

ÜberSlide sliding doors

Our sliding doors with the slimmest frame also known as a slimline frame, our ÜberSlide sliding doors offer a variety of configurations with 2, 3 or 4 tracks, up to 6 sliding panels, and they have a maximum panel width of 4.2m in one door system, matching well with super-wide patio door areas.

Unlike our other sliding doors, these are currently only available in four colours; RAL 9005 Jet Black, RAL 7021 Black Grey, RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey (matt finish) and Anodised Silver – some might see this as a drawback but we think it will help to make your decision a lot easier!

We love how this customer has created an accent feature by contrasting their pale pink walls with jet black ÜberSlide…

And how this customer has created multiple walls of glass with almost uninterrupted views by selecting the Anodised Silver coloured frame…

KustomSlide Plus sliding doors

There are two standard colours for our KustomSlide Plus sliding doors; RAL 9005 Jet Black and RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey and as with our alu-clad/composite KustomSlide sliding doors, there is a handy tool so you can see what these standard colours may look like if installed in your self-build, home renovation or improvement project.

You can choose from the full range of RAL colours if you would prefer and we must admit, we do really like how this light brown/grey mix colour contrasts with the light brick of this home…


KustomSlide Mono sliding doors

Our KustomSlide Mono aluminium sliding doors are our single-track version of our KustomSlide Plus doors making them the most cost-effective version with the same variety of configurations. They also have the same variety of RAL colours – lots, and lots of variety!

We love how this customer has matched the black of their timber cladding with a frame in RAL 9005 Jet Black…

And how this customer has contrasted their light brick with a RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey frame…

Do Kloeber’s aluminium sliding doors have dual colour options too?

As with our alu-clad/composite KustomSlide doors, our aluminium KustomSlide Plus and Mono options have the choice of dual colour options so if you’d like to match the interior of your home and the exterior with two different colours but want aluminium on the inside and out too, then these are sliding doors you’ll want to choose from. Our ÜberSlide sliding doors do not currently have a dual colour option.

What are all the different RAL colour options?

So we’ve covered the different styles of doors and their colours options – whether there are only a few or if you can pick from the whole RAL colour chart – but you’re probably wondering what colours are included on the whole RAL colour chart?

We’ve broken them down for you…

Pinks, reds and purples

If you love the pale pink from the customer’s home above why not go for a subtle pink for your sliding doors? You’ll be on-trend too, with a blush pink set to be the new must-have shade for homes in 2021. Or perhaps try something a little bolder which might even matches the colour of your favourite sports team? Like RAL 4004 Claret Violet or RAL 3020 Traffic Red.

Yellows and oranges

Bright and bold, yellows and oranges are definitely stand-out colours so if you want to make a statement and show off to your neighbours, why not pick one of these colours? The RAL 1020 Olive Yellow is also quite close to the RAL 6003 Olive Green featured above but a light lighter so if you’re looking for a lighter green, this could be the colour for you!


Blues always offer a coastal vibe and lighter blues are a great way of achieving a nautical theme – whether it’s just the look and feel you’re after for the inside of your home or for both the inside and out.

However, if you’d prefer to stick to a colour closer to the more popular blacks and greys, there are some lovely blue tones that can help you achieve this in a more adventurous way, such as RAL 5008 Grey Blue,  RAL 5004 Black Blue and RAL 5003  Saphire Blue.


We are truly biased when it comes to green, we love it! And they’re also perfect for matching your home with nature whilst bring the outside in too! RAL 6005 Moss Green would add a wonderful contrast to a light coloured interior or brick exterior and a RAL 6013 Reed Green could offer a more subtle touch.


If you like the idea of a wood look without the timber material, browns are the way to go. RAL 8023  Orange Brown or ochre brown would work wonderfully in a Mediterranean inspired home mixed with natural shades and soft furnishings whereas RAL 8011 Nut Brown or RAL 8007  Fawn Brown will give a very traditional looking wood feel.

Hopefully, you’ve found this guide to your sliding door colour options helpful. If you’d like to discuss your project and colour choices in more detail with one of our team, please contact us today by calling 01487 740044 or emailing us at

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Posted: April 14, 2021

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