When shopping for your perfect sliding doors it can get a little overwhelming. There are a few aspects for you to consider – What materials should I use? What colour should I have? What type of glass would best suit my needs? And arguably the most important – how much is it going to cost me? 

So, let’s have a look at what can impact the costs of your new sliding doors for your self-build or home renovation… 

The materials you opt for 

Aluminium – lots of people opt for aluminium for its sleek and modern design, however, it has fantastic thermal properties too! It keeps the warm air in and the cool air out and offers a low-maintenance, contemporary look to any home style. 

Alu-Clad – this product really does create the best of both worlds. Available in softwood, meranti and oak with a low-maintenance aluminium exterior. Keeping the soft, classic and warm wood look on the inside of your home and the modern design to the exterior. 

The type of glazing used 

Double-glazed laminated glass with an argon gas-filled cavity and a Low-E coating – our factory-fitted standard glass. With fantastic insulation to keep that heat in it’s also great for high security as this glass is super strong and does not shatter.

Low-E coating – Low-E stands for ‘low thermal emissivity’ which means this glass is able to reflect radiant infrared energy. This results in super-efficient sliding doors that keep radiant heat from indoors in, while infrared heat from the sun during summer is reflected away keeping it cooler inside, how clever! 

Triple-glazed toughened glass with an argon gas-filled cavity and a Low-E coating – This is your upgraded glass type now. With its three panes of glass, this option gives you not just fantastic thermal insulation but better acoustic insulation too – great if you’re living near a busy road.

Solar Control glass – All of our products are available with this glass. It can help reduce the G-Value which is a unit of measurement for UV rays that are able to penetrate through the glass from outside whilst keeping all that precious heat in! This glass is perfect for those sliding doors that are south facing and get the sunlight all day and into the evening. 

Low-Iron glass – This would be our option for the north-facing homes. This glass increases the solar gain of your property by letting the sun’s energy and heat into your home, saving you money on those ever-rising heating bills in the winter and increasing the overall energy rating of your doors and windows too.

Double-glazed toughened glass with 6mm thick panes – This extra thick glass is great to be used in sliding doors. With less flex than other glass and more durability, it’s a great solid option for your new sliding door. This 6mm option also provides extra acoustic properties over the standard 4mm pane – just to give you that extra bit of peace and quiet.

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The colour of sliding doors

Your colour options are almost endless with our sliding doors with so many variations to match your self-build or home renovation project and don’t forget – as mentioned above you can have the alu-clad option which means you can have that warm homely vibe inside that only wood brings! 

Sliding door configuration 

One of the main advantages of sliding doors is that they can be configured in a number of different ways depending on your needs. Just be mindful of course that the bigger or the more complicated configurations can add to the cost of the product and installation.

Sliding door installation 

Kloeber provides a fully warrantied installation service, carried out by experienced and highly trained installation teams, however, we are more than happy for our sliding doors to be installed by your preferred contractor. We provide full, detailed fitting and adjustment instructions with all of our products and provided they’re fitted correctly the full Kloeber warranty will apply. We do recommend that our aluminium products are fitted by someone with experience in doing this as they’re not as simple to fit as our other ranges!

Starting prices of our bespoke sliding doors

With each of us having different tastes and budgets and with so many options and extras to choose from, prices are likely to wildly differ so it really can be difficult for us to offer a price without speaking to you and finding out about your self-build or home renovation in more detail. Luckily, however, we do have some starting prices which you can use as a rough estimate, these include; £3295 (excluding VAT) for our KustomSlide Mono and £3630 (excluding VAT) for our KustomSlide Plus.

If you are wanting to look at comparing our bespoke sliding doors with our other bespoke patio doors – such as our bifold and French doors – you’ll find that our French doors are a less expensive option, with our lowest starting price being £2125 (excluding VAT) for our timber French doors and our most expensive starting price being £2,795 (excluding VAT) for our alu-clad French doors so this gives you another option to consider.

A further option is our bifold doors – being more cost-effective than our sliding doors, at £2,795 (excluding VAT) for a three-panel timber EuroFold. But if you were wanting to stick with aluminium, then our aluminium sliding doors may actually work out as a more cost-saving option, as our aluminium bifolds start at £2,400 (excluding VAT) for a two-panel K-Fold.

*Pricing correct at time of publishing – please contact us for up-to-date pricing as this may differ from the above figures.

Don’t forget! With all options of window and door, we are able to provide a flexible finance offer so if you’re thinking your self-build or home renovation budget is a little stretched then don’t panic! You can still purchase one of our fantastic sliding doors. Find out more about finance here.






Posted: March 15, 2023

Category: Sliding Doors