With their minimal sightlines and a high glass ratio, sliding doors are a great way to let in natural light into your home, whilst combining your indoor and outdoor spaces – perfect for the warmer months.

What style of sliding door you choose is likely to depend on the design of your self-build, home renovation or home improvement project, and the needs and budget of this too. For example, if you want to match the materials on both the inside and outside of your home, you may want to consider our alu-clad KustomSlide sliding doors.

Not 100% sure of the style of sliding door you’d like? You’ve come to the right place as below we have picked our top 10 customer installations which will hopefully give you some inspiration.

Maximise your space

If you have an area which opens up to the outside of your home but has limited space on the inside – like with this customer – then our ÜberSlide sliding doors are a great choice.

how to make the most out of your home

We love how this customer has made this hallway area more enjoyable by incorporating our ÜberSlide doors with some nice furniture. You can just imagine them sitting and watching the world go by with a cuppa, can’t you? And to think, it could have so easily been just a ‘normal’ hallway.

Beautiful inside and out

As we’ve mentioned above, our alu-clad KustomSlide sliding doors allow you to match your new patio doors with both the inside and outside of your home’s decor, which you can easily see here, with this customer’s home. With a painted aluminium outer, in a beautiful pastel grey, and a stained timber inner, each compliments the homes decor wonderfully. It is also easy to see how the pastel grey wouldn’t have worked so well on the inside of this customer’s home.

It’s not all flat

Just check out the fancy corner on this customer’s home. What a way to make the most of the space you have. Although, when open, there will still be a pillar where each sliding door meets in the very corner, you can see how the decision to remove what would have a been a brick pillar, in favour of one which matches the aluminium KustomSlide Mono sliding doors, is a much better design choice.

Matchy matchy

Why stop at sliding doors when you can match you sliding doors with bifold doors too! We love how this customer has made use of each space which opens up on to the garden. They’ve made a good choice to pick the bifold doors in a smaller space as these will make this feel bigger, and by picking our KustomSlide Plus sliding doors for the larger space, these will maximise the natural light with their slim sightlines. We love how they’ve also matched the materials and colour choices!

Let there be light

How bright is the inside of this customer’s kitchen, isn’t it gorgeous! We really love how they have increased the natural light by not only incorporating our ÜberSlide aluminium sliding doors but rooflights and windows across the adjacent ceiling and wall too. The paint colour is a perfect choice too! A darker colour on the walls would have prevented the natural light from bouncing around the room.

Big and beautiful

Our sliding doors don’t just come in twos, as you can see with this customer’s installation. Here they have chosen our KustomSlide Plus sliding doors – available in aluminium – as, with the option for multiple tracks (not just one, as with our KustomSlide Mono sliding doors) they can have multiple moving doors that slide all in the same direction. What a great way to open up the full length of their home and make a beautiful transition between inside and out.

Something a little different

If you’re lucky enough to have plenty of space in the bedrooms of your home, why not create an amazing feature and view for the morning cuddles with sliding doors as this customer has!

Exterior French doors are the more traditional choice for this type of installation but as you can see, our KustomSlide Mono sliding doors offer an even better view with their slimmer sightlines. They’re also great if you don’t have space inside or out for the swing of a French door.

Contrasting materials

Look how fabulous our aluminium ÜberSlide sliding doors look against this wooden exterior! We love how contrasting materials can add a real contemporary touch to your self-build, home renovation or improvement project. Luckily, our aluminium sliding doors look great in more traditional styled homes too.

Double up!

Why have only one set of our sliding doors when you can have two! We really like how this customer has opened up both parts of their home that back on to their garden with our KustomSlide Mono sliding doors. They may be different sizes but both sets of sliding doors help this customer to make the most of their indoor and outdoor spaces by creating the smooth transition between the two.

A house made of glass

One, two or maybe a whole house worths! What an incredible use of our ÜberSlide sliding doors. This house has to be one of our favourites. It looks like it is from a movie or something, doesn’t it? We’re hugely jealous of the customers who own this property and we think our ÜberSlide doors are the perfect match to the style of this home with their super-large glass ratio – our bifold doors, although wonderful, wouldn’t have worked so well.

slimline sliding door

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Posted: February 22, 2021

Category: Sliding Doors