When it comes to choosing the perfect doors to bring together your outdoor space and home or project, there are many decisions you need to make including; style, configuration and material. Sliding doors or bifold doors is a common question we get asked here at Kloeber, and we tend to say…it comes down to your personal preference and the aesthetic you want to achieve.

But, there is one thing that might help you make your decision quicker and that is the amount of space you have, as these two types of doors have differing options available.

So, let’s look at the two types of doors in more detail.

Sliding vs Bifold doors – Pros & Cons

Sliding Doors

Sleek, modern and offering a minimalist approach to glazing, sliding doors are a fantastic option for contemporary homes.

One of the major draws for people when it comes to sliding doors is the ability to offer a seamless transition from outside to in as the ‘frameless’ design provides unparalleled views of your outdoor space. If your goals are to maximise the natural light in your home, sliding doors could be the best option for you.

One better…for a minimalist ‘barely there’ design our UberSlide sliding doors tick all of the boxes. Our slimmest sliding door yet, the UberSlide features 20mm sightlines and extra wide panel options. Available in a variety of configurations with 2, 3 or 4 tracks and up to 6 sliding panels, this sliding door also boasts high security electronic locking and is fully compliant with Part Q of Building Regs – what else is there to love!

What about the material?

Well, at Kloeber we tend to stick with aluminium as it adds a great stylish feel to you home but, if you’d like to add some warmth to your interior, then we can offer you our composite alu-clad sliding door, the  KustomSlide. With timber on the inside and aluminium on the out, it offers you the best of both worlds!

And the performance? 

You can be safe in the knowledge that despite the thinness of our sliding door frames, they are thermally efficient and boast low U-values.

On a budget?

Although our UberSlide and KustomSlide Plus options are great for most homes, if you are trying to stick to a tighter budget, we have created a more budget friendly sliding door that could be perfect for you – the KustomSlide Mono. Available in aluminium only and with a single track, vs the two-track option you get with the KustomSlide Plus, it still benefits from the same extensive glass and ironmongery options as the KustomSlide Plus.

Any cons?

There aren’t any major cons to sliding doors – they’re just such a great option for your home – but something worth noting is they don’t open fully like bifold doors, so if you want to open up the whole of your space then bifold doors might be the better option for you.

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sliding door vs bifold door

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are a popular choice among our customers thanks to their ability to fully open and create a seamless connection between your home and garden, creating a beautiful inside and outside space working as one.

Another great feature of bifold doors is the option to have a single access door separate to the rest which enables easy access in and out of your garden without the need to open your bifolds fully – perfect for the winter months.

Then there’s material

With our bifold doors you can enjoy the choice between timber or aluminium so, if you’re looking to add warmth to your property with a more traditional style but contemporary configuration, timber could be an ideal option for you, whereas aluminium will provide you with the most contemporary aesthetic. Of course, we think both look great in any home, naturally!

Do bifolds offer better performance?

Our extremely popular made to measure KustomFold bifold door offers a number of glazing options with excellent U-values including triple glazing and also an opaque glass option, so they are just as good in regards to performance as our sliding doors. With the choice of sold engineered softwood, hardwood, oak or aluminium, and many different configurations and paint/stain finishes, they can fit within the style of any home – even better, you can also select a dual colour option so you can match your interiors and/or exteriors look and feel.

Want bifolds but are on a budget?

Our EuroFold bifold door is a cost-effective option and is also available in both timber and aluminium. Unlike KustomFold, the EuroFold is available in set sizes and offers great value for money without compromising on price or performance – ideal for anyone looking to benefit from the same great style but who might be on a tighter budget.


Although a bifold door is a great option for all house styles,  if you want a door with a more subtle frame and higher glass ratio, then a sliding door is likely to be more suitable for you!

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sliding vs bifold doors

So, Sliding or Bifold doors? 

With both options offering fantastic benefits and high thermal performance, it largely comes down to personal preference on style and the width of space available to you. For minimal sightlines, sliding doors are a great option but if you’re after a door that opens up the full width of your space, bifold doors are likely to be the best choice for your home or project.   

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Posted: March 4, 2020

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