Are you looking to decorate your house like a true minimalist? Want to clear the clutter and create peaceful spaces? In this blog, we’re giving you all of our top tips to enable you to do just that! 

Perhaps it’s the Marie Kondo effect, but minimalist living is definitely on the rise. It’s easy to see why, with increasingly chaotic and ‘connected’ lives, having a serene space to come home to plays an important role in being able to switch off and take care of our mental wellbeing. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian lead the way for true minimalism, with her all-beige house in Los Angeles that some may call boring whilst others hail it a masterpiece in design. The good news is, you don’t necessarily need to go full Kim-K to enjoy minimalist living, and you won’t need to stretch to her budget either! Let’s take a closer look at this style of home design…

What is minimalist design? 

Let’s start with the basics. Minimalist design generally refers to the thought ‘less is more’ and is focussed on open living spaces, functional design, neutral or monochrome colour schemes and the removal of any unnecessary objects and details. Instead, focus on creating a space that’s tidy, clutter-free and embraces a more basic approach to home styling. 

Here are our top tips to achieve a minimalist home design…

A colour scheme is key

Brightly coloured walls and furnishings don’t exactly scream minimalist haven. The easiest way to achieve a home that looks sleek and simplified is to stick with a neutral, calming colour scheme. Whites, creams, and even shades of very pale green and pastels work really well as a base for your minimalist home design. If you’re worried that this will look a little boring, then why not introduce panelling to your walls for an extra decorative touch? If you’re a lover of bold colour but want to introduce minimalism to your life, it is still possible, but try to stick with just one colour for a monochrome scheme. It will certainly be bold and unique but with the right styling, it can work. 

minimalist home design tips

Play around with textures

Texture is really key for a minimalist home, and as you won’t be playing around with different colours, you’ll want to experiment with different textures instead. Of course, while remaining true to your colour scheme, you can add interest with natural materials, for example, a rustic timber coffee table or shelving, chunky knit throws, concrete, and metal. 

Good lighting is important 

To achieve a peaceful, minimalist home, lighting is a crucial element to consider, and that’s where we come in! Your glazing has a huge overall impact on your home, with sufficient lighting creating a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. It creates the feeling of a bigger, airy space, which is exactly what you want to achieve with a minimalist home design. Here are some of our top tips for choosing your glazing…

  • Consider a wide panel patio door – just like Hannah of Warboys Self Build Home did here with our sliding doors. In fact, Hannah loved our sliding doors due to the wide panel options we offered that she couldn’t find elsewhere. This has allowed the home to be flooded with natural light, and it works just perfectly with the minimalist interior and open-plan design. You can read the full case study here.

  • Opt for panoramic views – if you want to go for that minimal ‘barely-there’ look with your glazing, then our slimline sliding door, ÜberSlide, is the perfect option. It features our slimmest sightlines yet at just 20mm, allowing you to enjoy panoramic views of your outside space, and of course, allowing plenty of natural light to flow through your home. 

  • Open up your space with bifold doors – bifold doors are another great choice for open-plan, minimalist homes, not only will it create a brighter living area, you’ll be able to (almost) fully open up a wall of your home, creating a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor space. We love how this customer used similar tiles to enhance the connection between the two spaces. 

  • Consider stylish glazing bars – if you’re keeping your interior design minimalistic, then why not make a statement with your doors and windows? Our Heritage windows and French doors offer a chic approach to glazing and work extremely well in minimalist homes. You can also opt to add glazing bars to our other products too! 

  • Awkward space? Fixed glazing could help – if your space doesn’t lend itself to an opening door or window, then all is not lost! Instead, why not consider fixed glazing? You’ll still enjoy the benefits of plenty of natural light, and our fixed glazing is made-to-measure, ideal for awkward spaces!

Keep it clean

And we’re not just talking about your housekeeping! Clean lines are essential for a minimalist home. This can be in the form of bare walls, tidy organised shelves, flat marble coffee tables (with a strategically placed coffee table book, of course), and essentially just room to breathe. Of course, this is where being organised will come into play, and you’ll need to think about how you can maximise your storage options. Just because you can’t see any clutter doesn’t mean there isn’t any, so get clever with hiding your things. Benches and sofa pouffes that double up as storage are a good shout!

Adopt open-plan living

When you picture minimalist living, you probably envision a big open space, and it’s true that open-plan living spaces lend themselves well to minimalism – as long as you’ve cleared the clutter! Of course, this is not always totally possible and realistic for everyday life. One way to get around this problem is to consider an internal bifold door such as our InterFold. This will allow you to switch between open-plan living, and having a closed-off space when needed. Perhaps you want to temporarily section off part of the room for guests, or for your home office, but still want the ability to open up your space when needed? An internal bifold allows the best of both worlds. Read more of our top tips on open-plan living

Kloeber's InterFold bifold doors in white with opaque glass

Statement wall art

Instead of a gallery wall, opt for one key art piece to add a statement to one of your walls. This will keep things simple and chic, rather than lots of different images which may look a bit busy. If you want to keep it true minimalist then consider a black and white design, but, this can also be a good opportunity to add a splash of colour to your room, so why not play around here with colour and pattern?

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Posted: March 24, 2022

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