The Kloeber canteen is more than just a place to eat your lunch. It’s a space to relax, chat to work colleagues, play games and generally take a few minutes away from your desk. The canteen has hosted pool and darts championships, charity bake sales, team lunches and parties. It’s been well used over the years and was in need of some TLC.

One Saturday, a group of volunteers which included 5 employees, one future employee and one ex employee, gave their free time to refurbish the canteen. Walls were painted, flooring was removed and re-laid and new tables and chairs were put in place in a full ‘give a room a facelift in a day’ style that would match any makeover show.

A new rug was added along with matching cushions, plants and contrasting blinds ensuring Kloeber staff could relax in comfort during their breaks.

A huge thanks to those who offered their time and DIY skills to help create an amazing, relaxing space for their colleagues.

Posted: January 17, 2019

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