Has your renovation or self-build been put on hold due to the Covid-19 crisis? It’s a challenging and unprecedented time for us all, and knowing what to do with your project can be tricky.

It’s very easy to panic and worry, but the key is to keep calm and, well, carry on. This situation won’t last forever, and it’s important that instead of throwing the towel in, we adapt and overcome, especially when it comes to renovating or self-building. Remember, life will resume, so use this time to your advantage!

Below our experts have put some top tips and advice together to help you navigate your renovation or self-build during these times…

Use this time to research and plan

How often do you get so much free time to plan and research? With normal daily life currently on hold, now is a great time to utilise your additional free time and to crack on with researching and planning the next step in your renovation and self-build, for when normality resumes – because, it will! Use this situation to your advantage, whether that’s collecting inspiration on Pinterest for your renovation or discussing plans with an architect – virtually, of course.

Collect quotes for work

If you’re planning building work and home improvements, now is a great time to speak to as many suppliers and builders as possible, and gather quotes. This will allow you to get as much of the prep for your project done as possible.

Also, many suppliers (like us here at Kloeber) are still manufacturing products, so not only can you speak to the sales team, gain expert advice and gather quotes, you can get ahead, to the front of the queue, and secure your order now for installation once all this is over.

Utilise online tools

Modern technology has made life so much easier! As well as our team still being on hand to help clients with their projects via video calls and online chats, you can also use our interactive door design tool to create the front door of your dreams from the comfort of your home. Once created, you can then speak to our team about the little details and get the expert advice needed to make your final choice.

Consider who you’re buying from

This is an important one! If you’re pressing on with your project, be mindful of the companies you do business with right now. If they’re still fitting and surveying, this could suggest that they aren’t fully protecting and caring for their staff, and probably not their customers either. Do you really want to risk someone coming into your home right now?

So think about where you want to spend your money, and whether companies who choose profit over people are in line with your personal ethics.

Plan for longer lead times

With factories abiding by new rules in regards to social distancing, lead times may be slightly longer than usual. It’s therefore beneficial that if you need anything urgently or within good time, you place your order sooner rather than later.

To do this, communication is key and this is where dealing with a reputable company is important – you want to be kept in the loop and have regular contact and updates. How do you tell if the company you’re considering is reputable? Testimonials and reviews are always a great helping hand.

Pay for large purchases on a credit card

Even in more normal circumstances, it’s always advised that you pay for large purchases using a credit card, as this way your money is protected should the worst happen.

Now, more than ever, it is important to seek out financially stable companies that have been around for at least a decade, so use this time to do your research. Something we always advise, if you are worried about a company going pop, is that you check to make sure they belong to an industry specific group such as Certass (which we do!) or Fensa, as this can offer you some additional reassurance about them and their processes.

Make the most of being at home

Usually planning deliveries can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you don’t work from home and have to take time off to ensure safe arrival of your doors, windows and so on. So if there are companies out there still making deliveries, make the most of being at home and on hand to receive them. You may not be able to fit said doors and windows straight away, but at least they’ll be there ready and waiting for when life goes back to normal.

Working on a renovation or self-build? We’d love to help, get in touch with the team for any assistance with your glazing.

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Posted: April 15, 2020

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